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XOMAX XM-RSU260BT – Car Radio Reviewed


Xomax is a German manufacturer of car radios and multimedia systems. Since the company is a national one it is not easy to keep up with the strong global competition like Sony or JVC. Although the XOMAX XM-RSU260BT did not rank first in our car radio review, with the purchase of a radio from Xomax you acquire a solid product that meets normal requirements. In order to keep up with the big players in the multimedia business, it is not enough to buy a Xomax radio, because they don’t offer high class products, but rather devices that everyone can afford. In the end, quality suffers somewhat from this. But not to such an extent that one would have to say that they are bad models.

The features

As far as the general features of the XOMAX XM-RSU260BT are concerned, this device can keep up with everyone except the review winner from Naviskauto. Here the reason is the same as with all other products reviewed. As a car radio, the XOMAX device contains everything you need, but the review winner also comes with an integrated navigation device and a DVD player. But apart from that, there are no points of criticism to note on the product from Xomax. If you are still looking for a similar product to the one from Naviskauto with such special features, you might make the right choice with the Xomax XM-DTSB925.

The handling

Only in terms of handling did the German product clearly lose out. Although the model is kept simple and only has function buttons that are really needed, they are all squeezed together at the left edge. Thereby, the buttons are a little too small, so that it can happen, depending on the user, that one accidentally presses the wrong button. In the long run, this can be a bit annoying, which unfortunately made it necessary to deduct a point here.

The design

You can also see from the design that this is not a particularly high-quality product. The focus is rather on packing everything that is necessary into it, no matter how it looks at first. Here, differences to the second placed product, the Sony DSX-A400BT, which has a brilliant look, are already clearly visible. The look also seems a bit old-fashioned and long outdated.

The Price

The XOMAX XM-RSU260BT scored particularly well with its price in our review. With well under 50 € you get a product that has everything you need. But it is also clear that due to the low price, savings were made on things like the optics or additional features. For a normal user the model of Xomax is a cheap and solid product.

The size of the XOMAX XM-RSU260BT

The product of Xomax has, like almost all car radios in our review, the normal size of 1-DIN. Only the review winner from Naviskauto, with integrated display, has a size of 2-DIN. However, this is by far not a negative aspect, since car radios with a size of 1-DIN can be installed in almost all cars.

The performance

The Xomax car radio owes the fact that it was able to reach fourth instead of fifth place to its performance. With 4 x 60 W it is the most powerful device in our review. So a lot of power for little money. An absolute plus point at the end of our evaluation for the German Xomax model.

Technical information:

Model: XOMAX XM-RSU260BT Size: 1 DIN Outputs: 4 x 50W Inputs: USB, AUX, NFC, Bluetooth Housing: black Lighting: individual

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