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In recent years, the car radio manufacturer XOMAX has also fought its way into the highly competitive field of car radios with great effort. But not only that. Meanwhile XOMAX is also attacking the market of car radios with integrated touch display. The XOMAX XM-DTSB925 was also taken under the magnifying glass in our review about the best car radios. Although it didn’t make it into the top five of the reviewed products, the XOMAX model can now keep up with devices from JVC, JBL or even Pioneer without any major flaws. The exact result in our review can be read here.

The features of the XOMAX XM-DTSB925

In terms of the features of this product it is not quite enough to beat the strong competition. The touchscreen display, the CD slot, the USB port and also the connection for a rear view camera speak for a good equipment, but smaller details are still missing to lead the field in the car radio field. But the manufacturer XOMAX should be given some time for these plans. In any case, one is not far away. An additional positive aspect is the freely adjustable illumination color.

The handling

In terms of handling, there is a decisive advantage over a normal car radio from XOMAX, for example the XOMAX XM-RSU260BT. The touch display. This enables quick and easy navigation in the menu. In addition, it is also an advantage that the normal car radio bar underneath it also allows operation via normal buttons. Nevertheless, there are slight deductions that are to blame for not being enough for the front places. The reason for this is that some of the buttons on the control bar are too small.

The design

Now comes the probably biggest weak point of the XOMAX XM-DTSB925. The design. Unfortunately, you notice that the manufacturer is not yet able to keep up with the big ones in the industry in all categories. The overall picture of the device is unfortunately not yet as round as it is with the strong competition. Especially the graphics on the display and the control bar could have been improved visually with some tricks. It probably won’t be long before these shortcomings are fixed. But at the moment they are still there.

The Price

A positive point for this car radio is that the price for a radio including touchscreen is normally much higher than that of the XOMAX XM-DTSB925. At just under 150 €, the product is absolutely within the range and has a good price-performance ratio. This is not the case with many similar models, as the fact of selling a product with display often drives the price up excessively.

The size

The size is for ordinary 2-DIN on a car radio with display. Here, as already mentioned for many of these products, it is important to make sure that installation is possible at all. This is not the case with every car. A majority of cars are designed for the smaller version of car radios, where the size is 1-DIN.

The performance

Also in terms of performance, XOMAX sometimes manages to outdo the competition. The manufacturer’s models are becoming more and more powerful, so there is no longer any need to catch up in this area.

Technical information:

Model: XOMAX XM-DTSB925 Size: 1 DIN Outputs: 4 x 45W Inputs: USB, AUX, NFC, Bluetooth Housing: black Lighting: ind

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