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TomTom Start 52 – Navigation System Review


The navigation device review evaluates five navigation devices in the categories equipment, handling, route calculation, destination guidance, map updates and price. After first and second place, the TomTom Go 6200 and the DriveSmart 60 LMT-D EU from Garmin, the TomTom Start 52 model scores above all with the best value for money.

The lower price only results in small deficits in equipment and handling. This makes it particularly interesting for users who do not necessarily need the extras of the more expensive devices

The equipment

Apart from handling, the equipment of the TomTom Start 52 is the only point where points were deducted for the model in this review. Although the device contains maps for 48 European countries, it otherwise remains at the basic navigation. The included reversible, integrated mount also comes in second place in comparison. In comparison to the active magnetic mount, the grip is somewhat worse. The TomTom Start 52 navigation system can also score points with a radar warning option, but this is limited to three months. A total of four points in the category are deserved, as the model has some nice features.

Cheap and good? TomTom Start 52 navigation device – Unboxing English

The handling

Also in the handling the model had to set back a little in comparison. With four out of five points in the review, the navigation system is still good, but you have to make concessions to other devices. The TomTom Start 52 sat nav scores with its simple navigation through an easy destination entry. The user can either select the normal search function or tap a point on the map. An integrated lane assistant also makes it easier to choose the right lane and thus simplifies exits and junctions. The point deductions here are simply the result of unused extra functions such as destination prediction, hands-free talking via Bluetooth, smartphone notifications or compatibility with Siri or Google Now. If you don’t really need this, you can still use the model from T

The route calculation

In the Route Calculation category, the navigation system scores the full score in the review. After the fast destination search, this device also offers a fast route calculation. The traffic situation and especially traffic jams and road works are taken into account and thus the fasreview route to the destination is found. There is no need to be annoyed by annoying waiting times due to GPS search and route calculation with this navigation device. That is why the TomTom Start 52 model scores five out of five points in the review.

The target guidance

The TomTom Start 52 model offers several reasons that justify a result in the navigation review with full points. The display, which can be selected between 4.3 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch, stood out in the review due to its clear and distinct target guidance. The lane assistant enables the driver to be safely on the right lane on exits and junctions. The product can only score points when it comes to voice announcements, too. Overall, therefore, there is no reason that justifies a point deduction in this category.


In the last category, the TomTom Navi also scored five out of five points. The lifelong map updates apply to all 48 countries in Europe, which can be used in the navigation system right from the start. Free software updates keep the navigation system up to date and provide new navigation functions and additional setting options. Thus one can speak of a particularly good performance in this category.

Technical information:

Model: TomTom Start 52

Maps: Europe (48 countries)

Map updates: daily (for life)

Display sizes: 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch

Destination entry: manually

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