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TomTom Go 6200 – Navigation System Reviewed


We have taken a closer look at a navigation system review with many models that can currently be described as rock-solid products on the market. D

The categories reviewed were equipment, handling, route calculation, destination guidance and map updates. The clear review winner is the model from TomTom. The TomTom Go 6200 outperformed the comparable products in almost all categories and is therefore, despite its high price, an absolutely recommendable product.

TomTom Go 6200 at a glance

In terms of features, the product is unbeatable in comparison. Especially when you compare the TomTom Start 52 with the 6200, which was also reviewed, it becomes clear which advantages stand out. Integrated are worldwide maps of more than 150 countries. The Start 52 model, however, only the maps of Europe are integrated. So you could say that the TomTom Go 6200 is particularly suitable for people who travel the world for business or pleasure. The so-called TomTom Traffic service is also available for life via a built-in SIM card. The cherry on the cake for those who travel a lot and can hardly manage without a navigation device.

Navi with fresh functions: TomTom Go 6200 in check

Especially in handling the advantages of the review winner became more than clear. The device of the well-known manufacturer TomTom was the only model to achieve the maximum score of five points in this category. The reason for this is, among other things, an active magnetic holder, which provides a special comfort. Updates via Wi-Fi or compatibility with Siri also provide a real feeling of luxury.

As the TomTom Go 6200 was the only navigation system to achieve full points in all areas throughout the review, there were no significant points of criticism in terms of route calculation. The calculation is quick and uncomplicated, so that long waiting times, which often occur with cheap products, are avoided. Current traffic obstructions are also taken into account and included in the calculation. In the event that the traffic situation suddenly changes, this is also promptly included in order to guarantee the most accurate route calculation possible.

Although every product reviewed received the full score in terms of targeting, with the exception of the last one, it should be mentioned that, despite the obvious, it is important to provide good targeting as a manufacturer. Confusing announcements or lane changes can quickly lead to valuable time being lost. For this reason, the TomTom also attaches great importance to a clear visual representation, which leaves no room for interpretation. You know immediately which exit is the right one. Also by the early, but not annoyingly repetitive, announcements.

Especially with the map updates, there were some models in the review series which could not reach the full score. With the lifetime update package for more than 152 countries the TomTom device raises the bar quite high. Not only the number is astonishing, but also the simple updating of the product in general. You don’t need any special knowledge to perform the update, so it’s no problem even for a lei to bring your navigation device up to date. […]

Technical information:

Model: TomTom Go 6200

Cards: World (more than 152 countries)

Map updates: daily (for life)

Display sizes: 5 inch, 6 inch

destination entry: manual, voice command

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