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Thule Touring M Cargo Box Review


The modern roof box Touring M from Thule offers you several advantages.

It facilitates every journey and is suitable for stowing different types of luggage.


A central locking system allows you to open and close the Thule Touring M roof box very conveniently and above all safely.

To do this, use a handy key that can only be removed when the box is properly locked. Very practical is the innovative FastClick quick-fastening system, which allows you to attach the Thule Touring M to the roof rack very easily. The latter also ensures that it is firmly and securely attached at all times.

The practical locking system secures the luggage against theft and also against unintentional opening during the journey. A system called DualSide gives you access to the transport box from both sides. This allows you to load and unload it very conveniently.


The Thule roof box Touring M has a volume of 400 litres. This gives you plenty of storage space. The box thus offers enough space for a holiday with the whole family. It has a sporty look and is available in black and titanium aeroskin. With a weight of only 13 kilograms, the Touring M is quite light and can easily be installed by one person. It measures 175 x 82 x 45 centimetres and thus ranks in the midfield compared to other transport boxes.

advantages & disadvantages


First of all, the simple and convenient installation is advantageous due to the above mentioned FastClick quick-fastening system including torque indicator. The dual-side function and the associated double-sided loading of the box must also be mentioned as an advantage. The central locking system ensures maximum security. In addition, the Thule Comfort Key can only be removed when all locking points are properly locked.

Another advantage is the fact that the Touring M can also be mounted alone. This means that no second person needs to be present. The modern and aerodynamic design creates low air resistance. This reduces fuel consumption and the noise level caused by driving is relatively low.


It is said to have happened once that a bracket came loose during a journey. This can be quite dangerous. In addition, the box is not quite as robust as other models, which is certainly also due to the comparatively low weight.

Scope of delivery

In addition to the transport box, the delivery includes the locks and a handy key.

Technical details


The transport box Thule Touring M has generous dimensions and therefore offers a lot of space for primarily light luggage.

It can hold up to 50 kilograms of objects. This value should never be exceeded. Because otherwise safety would no longer be guaranteed. You can also assemble the box on your own and do not need the help of a second person.

A so-called FastClick quick-fix system helps you here, which makes this work easier and faster. Thanks to a modern and aerodynamic design, you won’t notice the box while driving and at the same time your fuel consumption is reduced.

It is suitable, for example, for transporting skis, snowboards or even children’s bicycles. The luggage is very well protected against theft by a central locking system. It also ensures that the Thule Touring M does not open accidentally while driving, but always remains securely locked.

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