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Thule Ranger 90 Cargo Box Review


The Thule Ranger 90 model is a foldable roof box, which is primarily suitable for all those who want to store their luggage in a space-saving manner and simply do not have enough room in the car itself.

It can be attached to the vehicle roof rack very quickly and completely without tools. The following Thule Ranger 90 review takes a closer look at the roof box and also explains the advantages and disadvantages.


The roof box has an integrated padlock and very robust and welded seams.

Thus the luggage is ideally protected from strangers. In addition, the welded seams together with a tight zipper ensure that no water enters the box. Like all other Thule models, it meets all standard requirements.

Among other things, the quite strict city crash regulations are also confirmed. Very practical is that the Thule roof box Ranger 90 can be folded. This way, it can be stowed in a space-saving manner when it is not needed. When assembled, it easily holds a weight of 50 kilograms.


The Ranger 90 roof box from Thule measures 110 x 80 x 40 centimetres and has a capacity of 280 litres. When it is no longer needed, it is simply rolled up. A practical Easy-Snap fastening system allows the box to be mounted quickly and easily. The Ranger 90 is made of a waterproof material called Tarpaulin. Due to its low weight of only seven kilograms, it can be easily removed from the roof or attached to it.

advantages & disadvantages


Very practical is that the roof box is made of a waterproof material. Because it can always happen that the weather suddenly changes. The Ranger 90 reliably protects your luggage even in rain, snow and wind. The fact that the Thule Ranger 90 roof box has an integrated padlock is also an advantage. This is because unauthorized persons should not have access to the roof box, especially if you need to get out of the car on a long journey.

Another advantage is the above-mentioned Easy-Snap quick-fastening system, through which the box can be attached and detached very quickly and securely.

Very good is that the scope of delivery also includes a practical storage bag. In this bag the roof box can be stored space-savingly after use.


Actually, nothing negative can be said about the Thule Ranger 90 roof box. The only small point of criticism is that the zipper cannot be opened or closed properly from time to time. In addition, the roof box is also somewhat more expensive than other comparable models.

Scope of delivery

In addition to the roof box, the scope of delivery also includes a practical bag in which the box can be stowed away to save space after use. This protects it from dust and all other external influences.

Technical details


The Thule Ranger 90 roof box is a very successful roof box.

Thanks to its low weight of just seven kilograms, it can be transported without any problems. It can hold up to 50 kilograms of luggage and protects it very well against all external influences. It has an integrated padlock and sealed seams for this purpose. Thanks to a waterproof tarpaulin, no moisture can penetrate the Thule Ranger 90.

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