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Thule Pacific 200 Cargo Box Review


The Thule Pacific 200 Roof Box offers you a truly appropriate solution when the capacity of the trunk is not sufficient for your luggage. So you’re well equipped for your family vacation.

Compared to other commercially available models, the Thule Pacific 200 offers remarkable advantages.

Thule Pacific 200: Stable material processing

The Thule Pacific 200 is made of a plastic that will not yield even when subjected to very strong forces.

Any deformations become almost impossible. The high quality is directly noticeable in use. The robust mechanism ensures, for example, that the lid does not wobble when open. The additional seal, which the manufacturer has labelled Aeroskin, creates a noble, shiny black appearance that guarantees genuine brand quality at first glance.

With a height of 45 centimeters, the Thule Pacific 200 makes it easy to stow even very large suitcases. An above-average length of 175 centimeters is precisely tailored to the special needs of skis. Your luggage is guaranteed to be optimally protected in the comfortable interior. Even during the heaviest rain showers no moisture will penetrate.

  • Dimensions Thule Pacific 200: 175 cm length x 82 cm width x 45 cm height
  • Maximum payload: 50 kg
  • Stable material processing does not allow moisture to penetrate into the interior

Playfully simple handling

With intelligently selected features, the Thule Pacific 200 makes all the essential steps in your operation easier. The innovative Fast-Grip quick-fastening system saves you a lot of effort and time. The special design is based on claws that you only need to place on the roof rack. A quick twist and you are ready to go. Compared to other alternatives, this implementation proves a very tight fit, which in turn guarantees your personal safety.

The Thule Pacific 200 is also convincing in every respect during loading and unloading. D […]

  • Thule Pacific 200 with innovative Fast-Grip quick fastening system
  • Can be opened on both sides for easy handling
  • Central security system reliably protects against unwanted access by third parties

Aerodynamic design

The aerodynamic design has a direct impact on the load generated by the Thule Pacific 200. Due to the small area of air displacement, the additional weight is only of secondary importance in terms of fuel consumption. Compared to other commercially available models, the Thule Pacific 200 also saves you money over time. Safe handling is not compromised, and even at higher speeds there is no annoying wind noise.

  • Aerodynamic design for minimal air displacement
  • Safe driving behaviour at maximum speed
  • Use exerts only little influence on fuel consumption

Technical details

An absolute buy recommendation

The Thule Pacific 200 demonstrates first-class properties in its stable material processing. Easy handling goes hand in hand with a design that minimizes additional stress. Both you and your luggage are absolutely safe with the Thule Pacific 200. You really can’t expect more!

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