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The Sound Experience For Your Living Room – Reviewed


If you want to have a sound experience not only in the car but also in the living room, you need a suitable home cinema system. There are different requirements depending on your wishes. Unlike in the car, the system concept here is based on the principle, the more the better. So what makes a good home cinema system and does it have to be the best?

Home cinema consists of more than one television

Often a home cinema is confused with a giant television set. Because a home theater is much more than that. It not only provides a large picture with high quality, but also the right sound. If you would like to take it a little further, of course, you can set up your own room, which is filled with a cinema chair, screen, beamer and many other technical aids. And at best, it can be used as a room for gamers. Suddenly, playing FIFA becomes a real experience and you almost think you are standing on the football field yourself! Just as with Call of Duty, you could stand on the battlefield yourself. The people get a lifelike size on the screen!

The picture – beamer or television?

Under no circumstances should you save on the image. Far too often, bargains are advertised by different branches and are intended to invite to a cheap purchase. Of course, most of the times, this also has its price, as the quality is as well as the price, simply set very low. Only seldom it is actually possible to buy a cheap TV or beamer that is on a high standard, as it should be for a home cinema.

The development of higher resolutions, faster response time, larger screens and new technologies make televisions a fast moving market. If you buy a high quality TV today, in a few years it may be history again. But those years will be memorable years, because high quality has never hurt a TV. In contrast to a beamer, it does not need a projection surface and has all connections ready. With a beamer it looks a little different again. It is only an executive component and needs a control centre that gives it all the information.

The Sound – What sound systems are there?

In short: sound systems for the private home cinema are a dime a dozen. Of course, personal preferences and the necessary budget are the biggest crunch points. […]

  • Soundsystem2.
  • Compact plants
  • Soundbars
  • Soundbasis

Roughly speaking, they differ in the number of loudspeakers and subwoofers and in the construction. A sound system consists of 2, 5, 6 or 7 speakers and 1 subwoofer. They are therefore separate bodies. In a compact system the whole sound system is simply more compact. The big advantage of a soundbar or soundbase is that they are easy to connect and use. Above all, a soundbase consists only of a long and flat body, which should reproduce an optimal sound.

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