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The Perfect Sound For Your Living Room – Multimedia At Home Review


Music is your passion? Your new favourite songs only really come into their own when they are honoured with a high sound quality. Whether you’re throwing a glittering party or just lying on the sofa with your eyes closed and enjoying yourself, the perfect sound is an important ingredient for a successful evening.

We show you ways to design your home in such a way that sound and interior harmonize and function perfectly with each other. Give your interior a personal touch so that you can enjoy your favourite songs even more in the future. It’s all so simple.

Sound insulation

For the best sound, you must first ensure adequate sound insulation when furnishing your home. Even when you visit your new home, you can make sure that there is no noise pollution even when you turn up the volume properly. If the room is soundproofed, the acoustics will also improve. This is a decisive factor for perfect music enjoyment. However, a room does not have to be perfectly soundproofed right from the start. You can also do it yourself. Nubby foam or simply empty egg cartons on the walls give your living room a musical flair and at the same time improve the sound in the room. At troldtekt.de you can find more information about the importance of good acoustics.


If you don’t like this somewhat rustic approach, you can also follow a simple principle for the classic furnishing of your living room: While smooth surfaces simply bounce the sound off and return it to our ears in the form of an echo, the sound is attenuated when it hits diffuse or scattered surfaces. Carpets, long curtains and filled rules can do a good job here. Indoor plants are also good sound diffusers. Sofas with a wide backrest should be placed at a slight distance from the wall, as otherwise reflections can form between the wall and the seat. So furnish your living room consciously and be aware of the effects of each piece of furniture on the sound.

music system

Of course, the perfect music system is also very important if you want to enjoy your favourite songs in the best quality. Whether an all-round system or a classic system with an amplifier – you should have a few demands on your music system. Your taste in music plays a big role here. Do you love relaxed ragae sounds, classical music or do you prefer to dance to techno or hiphop through your home? Find out about different music genres on music-news.at and get an overview of what suits your taste. You probably know best what comes first for you. A booming bass, subtleties in the mids and highs of the melody or simply a balanced overall sound. There are big differences from system to system. Find out which music system harmonizes best with your taste in music.

Our tipWhen choosing the perfect music system, sound bars in particular are a nice option. All devices for sound generation are combined here in one housing. Furthermore, the user is free to choose a system with five or seven speakers. A selection of soundbars can be found on livingo.de and portals like Amazon.de. With the help of different technologies a virtual surround sound is created. At the same time, an attractive and compact design supports the tasteful furnishing of your living room and leaves room for movement and other furnishings.


The perfect sound in your living room brings many possibilities. For example, you can invite your best friends to your home and have a party with them to high quality music. Good music is the key to a successful party and in a space-saving living room the dance floor will surely be opened within a short time. But a good sound can also be enjoyed under quieter circumstances. Even watching a movie or playing a PC game is enriched by it.


If you love music, it is worthwhile to furnish your home carefully with the acoustics. If you follow a few guidelines, your living room can quickly become the perfect sound experience. When you buy your music system, make sure it matches your taste in music and fits in well with the decor of your living room.

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