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What Is The Best System Concept For Car Speakers & Subwoofers?


The best subwoofer and the best accessories in the world make for an amazing sound, but only with the right system concept can you create something unique. If you buy a Lamborghini, it’s certainly not just to drive it? No! You want the feeling, the pressure in the seat when you accelerate, the sound of the engine and the feeling that you’ve done it! So why buy a Lamborghini and then drive on the highway at 60 km/h? Exactly the same is true for the subwoofer in a car! Only the tuning together creates a perfect sound paired with a great bass, so that the car ride becomes a sound experience! But at the beginning:

What is a plant concept?

As with home cinema, the system concept describes the number of car speakers and subwoofer. For example, the 2.1 concept has 2 loudspeakers and 1 subwoofer, while a 4.1 concept has 4 loudspeakers and 1 subwoofer. These concepts go up to 16.2 and even further. There are therefore no limits to the variety of variants. The only problem is always the space required and above all, how much will it cost and does it still bring me a change? After all, why should I spend extra money on something if it no longer makes a difference? The concepts, however, only mean the number and not the exact position. In a 4.1 the speakers can all be in the front doors, but there can also be 2 in the front doors and 2 in the back doors. More about this later.

What’s your goal?

In other words, what do you want to achieve with your plant concept? Because there are more and more crazy ideas of plant concepts on the Internet. As I said, I recently read about a 16.2. ..:

  • Where do you want to put all those speakers?
  • How many power amplifiers should be used for this!
  • Where will the inmates sit?
  • And just: Are you serious!?!?

To find the best concept for you, I can say right away, this is not it! So one thing is quite clear, if you need a lot of attention and you like to spend your money, then this solution is exactly the right one! But if a unique sound, with a good pass and a great price-performance ratio is important to you, you should think of other solutions.

The champion of plant concepts

And the Oscar goes to… 2.1! And yes, I’m serious! Although many vendors say that concepts with multiple speakers are much better, you should always focus on the benefits. Whether you install 2, 4 or more loudspeakers doesn’t make much of a difference in terms of sound quality, as long as you focus on good quality speakers! The only thing that doubles is the price or in other words, the turnover from the manufacturer. That’s why I find it understandable that many suppliers want to make a higher turnover. But the system concept 2.1 offers so many advantages! It doesn’t cost a lot of money, it’s quick to implement, easy to use and you don’t have to destroy your car for new speakers. Because by now, every car already has recesses for speakers, better ones even with 2-way or 3-way speakers. In the home cinema area, system concepts with several speakers make sense, because you want to achieve surround sound there. But in the car it’s mainly about listening to music and there the surround sound is not important, but that the speakers are directed to the driver’s seat and you have the best sound.

Two 2-way loudspeakers in the front, a 4-channel power amplifier and the matching subwoofer produce a unique sound!

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