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The Lost Cabinet – Subwoofer Tube / Bass Roll Reviewed


The typical cabinet types are the closed cabinet, bass reflex cabinet and bandpass. They have an angular shape and therefore fit perfectly into the angular environment in the trunk, under the driver’s seat etc. A subwoofer tube differs in shape and has some advantages and disadvantages. Most manufacturers don’t advertise the subwoofer tube as the big burner, so there are only a few models in their assortments. Is this justified or just a historical development?

What is a subwoofer tube?

The Subwoofer Tube, also called bass roll, is the only one with the shape of a cylinder

Since the sound waves propagate in a circular shape (hence the round shape of the diaphragm), this housing shape is intended to ensure that the sound waves can propagate better and more evenly. Or, in short, it should make the sound sound better and reproduce a more pleasant bass. In theory it sounds plausible, but in practice the bass roll sounds very similar to other types of cabinet.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Like the other cabinet types, bass rolls are available as active and passive subwoofers. The enclosure type is a closed cabinet. Therefore it is especially suitable for Techno, Electro and similar music styles. But in practice there is the problem that the subwoofer tube has to be fixed very well, which often doesn’t happen due to laziness or ignorance. Once it starts rolling, it can be dangerous for the passengers, destroy objects in the trunk or itself and it distorts the sound. In addition, it bangs at every bend because it rolls against a wall. Furthermore, the space is not optimally used and free spaces are created which could produce a better sound as additional volume. The installation only works in the trunk, otherwise it is too big. In contrast, the product ranges of the remaining housing types also offer the possibility to place it under the passenger seat or in the spare wheel recess.

The purchase of a subwoofer tube is usually cheap, since it is located in the low price segment. The material used is therefore often cardboard and therefore of inferior quality than other products. This also affects the sound and it is a cheap purchase, but certainly not the last. All in all, the disadvantages of a bass roll outweigh the other cabinet types.

What should I consider when installing the Subwoofer Tube?

There is not much to consider when buying a subwoofer tube. The correct installation is much more important. The cabling and the power amplifier are the same as the other cabinet types. However, there is no need to economise on the mounting and it is better to secure something too strongly than too little. Several ways lead to Rome. There is the possibility to drill the bass roll in the trunk, but I would strongly advise against this, because with this all the acoustics are lost and you have no more guarantee! Also the idea with double-sided adhesive tape sounds good and simple at first, but it doesn’t work. The first somewhat sharper curve and the bass roll does what it shouldn’t, ROLLING…!

The best option is to fix it with tension belts*. You can buy these cheaply on Amazon and they are the most stable. Depending on the car model you have, there are hooks in the trunk on which you can fix the lashing straps. With these hooks you can wrap the bass reel and fix the straps on a second hook. Now you only have to lash it down and the reel is bombproof. It is best to use 2 straps to prevent it from slipping through the loop so quickly. You can find more important information in the review.

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