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How Steering Wheel Claws Provide More Safety!


Nobody wants their own car stolen. With a steering wheel claw, anyone can ensure that car thieves are not only deterred, but that the car is not even considered for theft. Because as long as the steering wheel claw is good, it can guarantee a high standard of security. A steering wheel claw review provides information about what can be expected from a steering wheel claw.

Advantages of the steering wheel claw

Driven by the rapid development of electronic immobilizers, door locks with radio systems and keyless ignition devices, car thieves have moved further and further towards highly technical hackers. Cars are no longer shorted in the traditional way, but are spied out and cracked by computers and smartphones, opening codes, etc. Thieves and manufacturers alike are very specialized in the development of new digital locking and immobilization systems. Breaking a handlebar lock costs the thief time, which is very important in a car theft. Therefore, cars with sturdy, robust steering wheel locks are usually avoided in advance and other cars are looked for.

Additional protection

In addition to the steering wheel lock, there is also the possibility of fitting the wheels with a claw. In our wheel claw review, the effectiveness of the wheel lock, which like the steering wheel claw is visible from afar and requires additional time, was shown. A further modern addition are GPS transmitters, which can be hidden unnoticed in the car due to their compact small size. With the help of GPS protection, the car can be traced worldwide.

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Steering wheel claws with airbag protection

The cost of a new airbag is usually very high. If the sensitive airbag device is forcibly accessed, the airbag system usually has to be replaced and rechecked at great expense. The only really good protection against the theft of the airbag is a mechanical safety device, such as the steering wheel claw. Particularly high-quality claws usually have an additional integrated airbag protection, this can either have a shackle or a shape of a plate. The purpose of airbag protection is to prevent unauthorized access to the expensive airbag.

Which steering wheel claw fits the car?

The shapes of the steering wheels vary a lot from small sporty handlebars to old rod steering wheels and bus and truck steering wheels, so the variants or diameters are also very different. Before buying steering wheel claws, make sure that the correct steering wheel claw is used.

Good material ensures best safety

Even if it looks a little bulky, it is guaranteed not to be opened by foreign hands. A special lock is made of titanium. The steering wheel can be completely covered with such a claw. Apart from the special lock made of titanium, the rest is made of hardened stainless steel. So whenever a thief will try to crack this steering wheel claw, he will try in vain. Security has not only its price but also its weight, but even the most robust claw can be stowed in the luggage compartment without any problems.

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