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Match PP 7S-D Reviewed


“Made in Germany” is something that Audiotec Fischer is and can be proud of. With the Match product line they have succeeded in creating a somewhat different kind of car hifi. But in the review the Match PP 7S-D caused a surprise…

But first let’s get down to the important things. The design of the PP 7S-D with its black fleece is very discreet and is characterised above all by its expressive contours. The steel grid in front of the membranes is visually coordinated and offers additional protection! There is always a lack of space when installing in the spare wheel recess, a flattened side prevents the cables from kinking.

In its construction Auditec shines with top quality, typically Made in Germany. The workmanship is well done, everything fits and nothing starts to rattle as soon as the bass rumbles. The material used is also of high quality and durable. If you want to keep your subwoofer for longer, you can be sure that the Match PP 7S-D will accompany you through a few car changes. By means of Plug&Play the cabling is quick and can be removed without leaving a trace. The aim of the Plug&Play (P&P) function is to leave the car as it is. Everything must be able to be removed without a trace, so that no damage or backlogs can occur and you have additional costs.

When it comes to sound, there are many things that can go wrong, but also many things that can be won. Auditec has clearly done everything right with the Match PP 7S-D. Its sounds do not scratch, are precise and feel full. The sound quality can be maintained over the entire frequency range. And despite its small volume and small diaphragms, it creates a strong and rich bass. Of course, with its 200 Wrms it can’t tear up the road like its big colleagues, but in its category it clearly has the edge!

Technical information of Match PP 7S-D

In addition, the Match PP 7S-D has some special features that are not apparent at first glance. For example, it has a high power handling double voice coil with ventilation to minimize compression effects. In short, the sound sounds better and more precise. With a diameter of 16 cm the two diaphragms are a bit small for a subwoofer, but it doesn’t matter, because the bass is still strong enough. With its size and shape it fits perfectly into the spare wheel recess, saves space and the cables can be easily hidden.

After so much text we finally come to the surprise of the review! Audiotec Fischer uses its own cabling for its systems. On the one hand it’s good because you can simply attach the amplifier to the factory built car radio, on the other hand you need a special Audiotec cable for the connection between amplifier and subwoofer and if you’re unlucky you’ll need an adapter for your plug on the car radio. Conclusio you have to align the whole system with P&P products.

The Match PP 7S-D can convince with great quality and is a lot of fun in the car. With P&P the factory radio can be used and no huge optical modifications are necessary, but unfortunately you are dependent on further P&P components. It rightly carries the text “Made in Germany”.

Matching the Match PP 7S-D there are the amplifiers PP 52DSP and PP 62DSP. With these two you can even spice up the existing speakers, because you can change the sound setups. You can download the program from the Audiotec homepage or if this is too tedious or complicated for you, you have the possibility to use already finished files.

You should check to make sure that your car radio is compatible with the plug. In the adapter database you can check if you need an adapter or not.

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