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Sony XSP-N1BT Review


Sony is one of the largest manufacturers in the electronics market. Especially televisions, smartphones and game consoles are among the hobbyhorses of the company. But also in the field of car radios, Sony is making more and more efforts to capture a larger market share. For example with the radio with integrated display, the Sony XSP-N1BT, which can be described as a real luxury product. In the end, the car radio review showed that it still didn’t make it into the top five products. Decisive hi

The features of the Sony XSP-N1BT

In principle, the Sony XSP-N1BT has everything you need in a normal car radio. A USB port, a Bluetooth function, a rich sound and an MP3 playback function. However, there are ultimately too few additional features that one might expect for the high price. For this reason, there are slight deductions for the Sony product in terms of features. However, you quickly notice that the main focus is on other criteria. On the whole, the model resembles a comparable product from competitor Kenwood.

The handling

The special thing about this device from Sony is above all the handling. Here, the car radio stands out from the rest with a smartphone cradle. The cradle makes it possible to control the radio from your own smartphone and charge your mobile phone at the same time. A successful move from Sony. This way you kill two birds with one stone. A voice control also makes it possible to select the desired settings even more easily, so that you can find your destination even faster in the navigation with the car radio itself. This isn’t possible in a simple car radio, like the Sony DSX-A202UI.

The design

Especially when it comes to design, Sony remains true to its own line. In general, you can immediately recognize that this product is a Sony device due to the classic edge pulls. This speaks for a high recognition value of the company, which brings some advantages in the fight against the strong competition. Therefore, the design is one of the strongest categories in which this car radio scored in our review.

The Price

The big negative aspect of the Sony XSP-N1BT is the price. This is clearly set too high in comparison to similar products. In the end, you get too little car radio for too much money. The reason for this is certainly due to the Sony brand on the one hand and the design and size of the product on the other.

The size

Regarding the size, it is important to consider before buying whether a car radio can be installed in your own car at all. With such a model, which has a size of 2-DIN, it is currently still possible that it often does not work at all to install such a product, because the standard size is 1-DIN. Therefore, caution is advised in this point before buying.

The performance

With 4 x 55 W, however, the product can once again score points, especially in terms of performance. Sony’s model is thus in the upper performance range in our review and can easily keep up with the top products.

Technical information:

Model: Sony XSP-N1BT Size: 2 DIN Outputs: 4 x 55W Inputs: USB, Bluetooth, NFC Case: black Lighting: white

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