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Sony MEX-N5100BT Reviewed


Sony, as one of the leading manufacturers of electronic equipment on the market, is now a company that can have a great influence on the development of the electronics market. The company is also reluctant to be pushed into the second row when it comes to car radios. Although car radios do not belong to the hobbyhorses of the big company, they still want to show the quality in all products. In our review, however, it was not enough for a place among the top five. At least for the Sony MEX-N5100BT. Why the product can still be an alternative can be found out in the following review.

The features of the Sony MEX-N5100BT

Especially in terms of features, the product had to let Sony bounce back from the competition. Compared to the relatively high price, only the most necessary functions are offered in this device. A plus point is the external microphone, which is included in this car radio. Bluetooth also works with this model. Therefore, apart from the price, there is not really much to complain about in terms of functionality. So it is definitely an option to use this radio if you can’t find a cheaper one on the market in the same quality.

The handling

Especially when it comes to handling, it also shows why the Sony DSX-A400BT scored significantly better than the Sony MEX-N5100BT in comparison. The control knobs are partly simply too small, so that it’s necessary to focus on accuracy. Not exactly the most comfortable option for especially older people who don’t want to do without good music in the car. The construction also seems a bit confusing in other respects. This is not the case with the DSX-A400BT. Here, everything is built up quite simply, so that you can hardly do anything wrong.

The design

Sony’s car radio can then catch up, especially in the Design category. Here you can see relatively clearly that the manufacturer places great value on keeping up with the times. A modern and sleek design should appeal to younger target groups in particular, in order to win them over in the long term. Sony does almost everything right here.

The Price

This is probably the biggest flaw of this product in our review. As already mentioned in the features section, you only get the most necessary functions for your money in addition to a great design. The AVH X7800BT shows that it can be even more expensive. With an integrated monitor, this Pioneer model could be described as a real all-purpose weapon in a car. In terms of price, however, you get something for your money with this product.

The size

In our review it became clear that most manufacturers still use the classic 1-Din size, which is the most common for easy installation. This also applies to the Sony MEX-N5100BT. Here, one also sticks to well-tried tradition and doesn’t dare to counteract at first. The classic size is too common in almost all car brands.

The performance

Sony’s product is once again in the upper midfield with 4 x 55 W, at least in terms of performance. Especially in terms of performance and design, Sony often shows that quality is measured at these two points. So, if you don’t attach much importance to features, but want a powerful radio for your car, you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for in Sony.

Technical information:

Model: Sony MEX-N5100BT Size: 1 DIN Outputs: 4 x 55W Inputs: USB, AUX, NFC, Bluetooth Case: black Lighting: individual

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