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Sony DSX-A410BT Review


The features

The features already prove why the A410BT car radio from Sony was one of the best products in our review. The reason for the Sony DSX-A410BT’s second place is finally due to the fact that this model from Naviskauto had integrated navigation and a DVD player in addition to the car radio function. In the end, the Sony model couldn’t quite keep up. Nevertheless, there are no other defects or criteria on the Sony DSX-A410BT that would justify further deductions in the evaluation. An all around successful car radio – this Sony DSX-A410BT.

As already mentioned, the Sony DSX-A410BT doesn’t have a CD player, but honestly – who needs that?

For this purpose, the car radio has a hands-free kit with Bluehtooth connection, NFC, a USB port for playing MP3 files (also WMA, FLAC) and an AUX port for connecting external devices such as an iPod or similar! It is also possible to connect to Bluetooth enabled devices, such as smartphones, to play music from there!

The radio offers a rich and clear sound thanks to 4 x 55W output power and a 10x equalizer for individual settings. The Sony DSX-A410BT also has a 1x rear preamplifier and a subwoofer Direct Connection!

The design

The design of the DSX-A410BT hardly differs from that of its predecessor, the DSX-A400BT. The housing is black with a nice juicy red illumination, suitable for Audi and VW cars, and has a removable display panel which is resistant to the

The handling

In terms of handling, the car radio was able to score points like its predecessor and took first place in this category, which was fully deserved. All function buttons are arranged in an easily understandable way and clearly marked, so that you can hardly do anything wrong with this car radio.

The Price

The Sony DSX-A410BT’s standard price is around 100 euro. However, if the car radio is on offer, it can sometimes happen that you can save up to about 30% and thus make a real bargain. A great argument for the Sony product, if you keep in mind that you’ll find all the necessary functions in this model. Therefore, the price-performance ratio of this car radio is also enormously good if you want to listen to good music in your car.

The size of the Sony DSX-A410BT

The size of the Sony DSX-A410BT corresponds to the usual 1-DIN, which has the typical rectangular shape of a standard 1-DIN. […]

The performance

The performance of the Sony DSX-A410BT car radio is already enormous, with an output power of 4 x 55 watts.

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