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Sony DSX-A400BT (Bluetooth) Review


Sony is a global player in the electronics market. In addition to car radios, Sony manufactures almost everything from televisions to game consoles and household appliances. Meanwhile Sony also enjoys great public attention when the lareview products are introduced. One could say that Sony is one of the big players in the electronics market and is partly responsible for certain trends. Nevertheless, the Sony DSX-A400BT “only” managed second place in our review in the end. As a car radio itself, it is still the best car radio in comparison. You can read the exact explanation here.

The features

Especially when it comes to the features, it becomes clear why Sony’s model, as a car radio in itself, was the best product in the review. The reason for second place for the Sony DSX-A400BT is ultimately because the model from Naviskauto had integrated navigation and a DVD player in addition to the car radio function. In the end, the Sony model was not quite able to keep up. Nevertheless, the DSX-A400BT has no other defects or criteria that would justify further deductions. An all around successful product.

The handling

The Sony car radio scored particularly well in terms of handling and deservedly took first place in this category. All function buttons are easy to understand and clearly marked, so that you can hardly do anything wrong. It should be mentioned here that especially the competitor, Xomax, could be left behind.

The design

In our review it was not quite enough for the full score in the end due to the strong competition from Naviskauto in this category. The missing display, which emphasizes the visual appearance and makes the product look more elegant, meant a point deduction in the end. Moreover, the model shows an enormous similarity to the Sony MEX-N5100BT and can hardly be distinguished from it. Merely the functions and technical details aren’t completely the same.

The Price

The normal price for the Sony DSX-A400BT is just over 100 euro. However, if the car radio is on offer, it can sometimes happen that you can save up to 30% and land a real bargain. An absolute argument in favor of the Sony product, considering that you’ll find all the necessary functions on this model. At

The size of the Sony DSX-A400BT

The size of this model corresponds to the usual 1-DIN, which characterizes the typical rectangular shape of a car radio. Therefore this model should have the big advantage of being able to find its place in almost every car. No special features, but an ordinary shape.

The performance

In the last category, performance, Sony’s model could only be surpassed by its competitor Xomax. Nevertheless, the Sony car radio’s performance is already enormously high, so that normally only a certain target group will overflow to the Xomax model, despite Sony’s advantages. There is hardly anything to complain about with 4 x 55 W.

Technical information:

Model: Sony DSX-A400BT Size: 1 DIN Outputs: 4 x 55W Inputs: USB, AUX, NFC, Blu

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