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Sony DSX-A202UI Review


We have subjected countless car radios to a review with six evaluation categories. Among other things, the devices were checked for features, handling, design, price, size and performance. It turned out that the Sony DSX-A202UI is one of the best car radios, but couldn’t claim victory. It could convince in some points. Since Sony offers products in all price categories in order to reach as many target groups as possible, it was to be expected anyway that this product, which can be purchased at a low price, won’t end up among the top devices. In the end, it is the cheaper version of the more expensive and better equipped Sony MEX-N5100BT.

The features

Especially in terms of features, this inexpensive product had to take some setbacks against the strong competition. For example, operation via Bluetooth is not possible with this model. Only the basic functions like USB or AUX connections are available. At least the most important features are thus available, so that one gets a product without additional features for a low price. It’s also not always the worst choice for people who don’t always have it easy with technology.

The handling

The Sony DSX-A202UI scores particularly well in our review especially in handling. The low number of features makes the product clear and easy to understand. So, you can’t do much wrong when handling or operating Sony’s product. A clear plus point, as you aren’t overwhelmed with incomprehensible buttons. Only JVC’s car radio could keep up with the DSX-A202UI in terms of handling in the review.

The design

But especially in the design there were again some shortcomings to be found. While you can clearly see that more expensive products attach importance to a modern design, the look of the Sony DSX-A202UI is more like an old car radio. Also, the font of the display on the small display isn’t up-to-date anymore. Especially in the features and the design it became clear where savings are made in production, for which there were some points deducted in these categories.

The Price

The ups and downs in valuation continue with the price. Because here the product is hard to beat. Not only that it is cheap. Many users who only need the basic functions of a car radio will be well served with this product, because everything they need is usually available. USB, AUX and CD. Everything else is often additional to increase the price.

The size of the Sony DSX-A202UI

In terms of size, this Sony product also uses the standard. This is 1-DIN for a car radio. Since models of this size can be installed in almost all cars, the size is aimed at the broad mass of users.

The performance

In terms of power, the Sony radio occupies an impressive second place with 4 x 55 W. All in all, it becomes clear in the rating that the low price naturally demands its sacrifices. However, this doesn’t happen in the categories that demand the main attributes, but in categories that stand for luxury, such as design or additional features. So there is really nothing wrong with this entry-level product.

Technical information:

Model: Sony DSX-A202UI Size: 1 DIN Outputs: 4 x 55W Inputs: USB, AUX Housing: black Lighting: green

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