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Sony WX GT90BT – Review


Sony, the electronics manufacturer, likes to explore new ways to bring innovations to the market. This also applies to the best car radios. In a big review we have reviewed various models from different manufacturers. In the end, the Sony WX GT90BT didn’t make it into the top five, but the product does have a few special features. This model once again makes it clear that Sony, with its market power, likes to try new ways to gain an advantage over its competitors, such as Pioneer, in order to gain a head start. What exactly is meant by this can be read in the category “size”, among other things.

The features of the Sony WX GT90BT

In terms of features, the device from Sony is almost in no way inferior to the better placed products. In any case, the basic requirements are given with USB connection, AUX input, CD and MP3. Bluetooth and compatibility with smartphones is also possible. Apart from crystal-clear radio reception, it is also possible to have text messages, which you receive on your mobile phone, shown on the small display. So there is hardly anything to complain about in terms of features. So far a good start for the Sony WX GT90BT.

The handling

Although this car radio does not include a touch display, as is usual for most of this size, it is nevertheless of great advantage for a certain target group. Older people in particular often find it difficult to find the right settings using the small buttons on the radio. Here Sony has a simple but effective solution to offer. Due to the large main button in the middle and the various controls around it, it is possible to operate the device without any problems. Especially because the buttons are much larger than on a normal car radio. So another point for the Sony product. A big difference to normal radios from Sony, for example the Sony MEX-N5100BT.

The design

The size also gives the design a new look. One tries especially here again and again to set new standards, which has also succeeded with this product. Cutting edges and a good division on the surface of the car radio itself provide an all-round successful overall picture.

The Price

Since there have only been positive aspects to be mentioned so far, the question of why this product didn’t end up on one of the top spots gradually arises. The first reason can be found in the price. With more than 150 € it is not totally overcharged, but compared to products with similar functions it is a little bit too high. Here the price-performance ratio could be improved.

The size

The second negative point is size. Although Sony may be setting a new trend with this split without a touch display, this doesn’t change the fact that car radios like this one, with a size of 2-DIN, are much more difficult to install than car radios with the standard 1-DIN dimensions. Therefore, there are also slight deductions for the Sony WX GT90BT in this category.

The performance

In terms of performance, too, the product ultimately falls off. With only 3 x 52 W, this model is unfortunately somewhat behind most of the reviewed models. The Sony WX GT90BT can still be a good buy for those who don’t attach great importance to performance, but rather to practical aspects.

Technical information:

Model: Sony WX GT90BT Size: 2 DIN Outputs: 3 x 52W Inputs: USB, AUX, Bluetooth Case: black Lighting: individual

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