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Rockhouse RH-08 Reviewed


Rockhouse is still a small light in the car hifi world and stands out with the RH-08 especially with its low price. “Those who buy cheap often buy expensive…” Let’s see if that saying is true.

The Rockhouse RH-08 is one of the few tubes available on the market. It has a very minimalistic design and is not very attractive. The grid in front of the diaphragm gives it a nice touch, radiates power and protects the diaphragm.

The structure is very similar. The workmanship and the material used leave a lot to be desired and are not convincing. It is clear that with such a low price not the highest quality material is used and every subwoofer is handmade, but the subwoofer review is about finding the best of the best. Unfortunately, the lack of quality is also noticeable in the connection panel.

After construction and design I was a bit sceptical, but in sound the Rockhouse RH-08 surprised me positively! It has a powerful sound with a lot of bass, but unfortunately it is not very precise and due to the bad workmanship it is faulty.

Technical information of the Rockhouse RH-08

The Rockhouse RH-08 is a passive bass reflex in the form of a tube. With its size of Ø 24 x 45 cm it fits perfectly into any car boot and does not take up much space. Despite its small size it produces 200 Wrms, has a double surround and its cone has a diameter of 20 cm. Very interesting is that the bass reflex tube is on the back.

The Rockhouse RH-08 has a very low price, to the detriment of material and workmanship. The sound is convincing and is suitable for beginners or people who are looking for a money-saving version.

For a good sound the right accessories are necessary. A power amplifier with suitable power, correct wiring and if you like a powercap. It is also important that the subwoofer is secured! The fasreview way is with tension straps*.

Recommended accessories:


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