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Renegade RX6.2C – Car Speakers Reviewed


Renegade is a manufacturer for car speakers, which has positioned itself especially in the mass market. The company would like to sell as large quantities as possible and therefore advertises with particularly low-priced products. But do you get enough power for your price? We have checked this in a loudspeaker review. The Renegade RX6.2C speakers are a successful product for little money, especially for beginners. The quality is also impressive. In the end, it’s not enough for Renegade’s model to make it into the top five. Manufacturers such as Auna or the review winner, the JBL GX602, are simply a good deal ahead of the newcomer on the market.

The sound of the Renegade RX6.2C

It is particularly noticeable in the sound that this model cannot compete with the large products from JBL, Pioneer or for example JVC. Here, the big players in the industry are simply a step further and offer a higher quality of sound for a higher price. For young people, who are tinkering with their car for the first time, the Renegade RX6.2C is a good alternative to get their first experiences with their own speakers in the car.

The structure

During assembly, it becomes clear once again that you should inform yourself in detail beforehand in order to avoid mistakes during installation in the car. In general it is not a witchcraft to install the product of Renegade and to make it work, but it is still possible to install it in such a way that

The design

As far as the design is concerned, the Renegade RX6.2C can keep up quite well again. Simple, yet modern, the speakers are an eye-catcher in any car and will certainly attract the attention of the passengers. In general, one notices with Renegade that looks play a big role and can be a powerful sales factor against the competition, especially in the mass market.

The Price

The price is also impressive. For just under 40 € one finally gets two woofers and two tweeters. A good argument on the store shelf! The missing quality is simply drowned out by a good price and a chic look.

The design

2-way coaxial (16.5 cm).

The performance

In terms of performance, we can speak of a solid result. For the price you get what you can expect. Not a top product, but an all-round successful car speaker, for which the money certainly isn’t too much.

Technical information:

Model: Renegade RX6.2CBConstruction: 2-way Power: 100 WrmsNoise pressure: 92 dBDiameter: 16.5 cm

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