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Pioneer SPH-DA120 Reviewed


Especially in our car radio review we reviewed many products of the well-known manufacturer Pioneer. Especially in the car entertainment sector Pioneer has become one of the best and most successful manufacturers. The SPH-DA120 was also convincing in our review, but, like the AVH-X7800BT, did not make it into the top 5 due to its price. This product is also a luxury product that should satisfy users who like to spend a little more. For this very reason, it is worth taking a closer look at this product, because even though the price is high, there are amazing innovations to discover in the car radio sector.

Features of the SPH-DA120

Pioneer’s product scores particularly well in terms of features. Similar to its competitor JVC, great importance is attached to new features even during the development phase. The special thing about this car radio is that it looks extremely similar to a smartphone. It is operated exclusively via the touch display or the touch bar on the edge. A real innovation in the car entertainment sector. With Bluetooth, a hands-free system, a USB port and direct control via a smartphone, all other features are also integrated in this device.

The handling

Especially the handling changes enormously due to the missing buttons for operation. Whether this is ultimately an advantage or a disadvantage has to be decided by the user himself. In any case, it is an innovation, since hardly any car radio has been operated without any buttons so far. The SPH-DA120 changes all that, and just like a smartphone, everything can be controlled via the display. It will be seen in the next few years whether this method can also be a success in the car radio sector.

The design

As almost always, Pioneer does not compromise on the design either, as the missing control panel plays an important role here too. This saves space during installation without forgetting important controls. It’s also worth comparing the design with that of a smartphone. With 6.2 inches, the display is still large enough to allow error-free operation. This makes the product a real eye-catcher in every motor vehicle.

The Price

And now comes the crucial point why we didn’t list the SPH-DA120 among our top five products, when there is hardly anything to criticise. The main reason is that in our review we focused on value for money, so a price of over €350 almost doesn’t justify it, even with an integrated touch display. So we have to say that this product might have a good chance of winning in a review of luxury car radios, but not in our review where a mediocre price is supposed to give the best possible performance.

In terms of size, there are two decisive advantages over a car radio with control bar and display. The first is the space saving when installing the device. The second advantage is that the display can be made larger to allow more accurate operation.

The performance

The performance is, as can be expected with such a luxury product, enormously high. There is hardly a car radio in our review that could hold a candle to Pioneer’s top products.

Technical information:

Model: Pioneer SPH-DA120 Size: 2 DIN Outputs: 4 x 50W Inputs: USB, AUX, NFC, Bluetooth Case: black Lighting: individual

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