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Pioneer MVH-AV280BT Reviewed


Pioneer continues to gain momentum, especially in the entertainment sector for the car. Pioneer car radios and loudspeakers in particular are becoming increasingly common in motor vehicles in Germany. Even powerful competitors such as JBL or JVC are gradually finding it difficult to compete with Pioneer’s good value for money. In our car radio review we put many devices through their paces. Unfortunately, the Pioneer MVH-AV280BT did not make it into the top five in the end. The reason for this is ultimately the features and the price compared to simple models without a display. Compared to other car radios that have an integrated display, however, the price is again comparatively low.

Features of the MVH-AV280BT

With a 6.2 inch touch display, the product has the advantage that the features can be expanded through simple operation. With USB, AUX and the Bluetooth function at least the basic functions for a car radio are given. Additional functions, which could be integrated without much effort by using a touch display, can unfortunately not be found. This is one of the main reasons why the product is ultimately not among the winners in our review.

The handling

In terms of handling, almost all car radios with a touch display have an advantage. It is not for nothing that a product with a touch display won in our review. The MVH-AV280BT was also convincing in our review in this category. A sharp display on the screen allows for quick and easy operation. You can also use the buttons on the side of the screen to operate the car radio without having to use the display. Twice as good for the user. Unlike a normal car radio, like the Sony MEX-N5100BT, for example. As usual, the operation is only possible via the buttons.

The design

In terms of design, the Pioneer model is way ahead of the game. Innovative, modern and yet simple is probably the best description. The design appears round, so that the appearance is captivating and such a car radio becomes an eye-catcher in the front area of the car. The colours within the display also speak for a high quality and ensure that the look is emphasised even more.

The Price

The price can be seen as a real plus with this device. But only in comparison with other car radios that have an integrated touch display. However, since other products without a touch display were also reviewed in our review, the price is still somewhat higher than for normal products in the overall comparison. In the end, this was the reason why the MVH-MV280BT didn’t quite make it to the top products.

The size

The size for car radios with a display is usually 2-DIN. This is also the case with this device. However, this has the disadvantage that most cars are designed for 1-DIN products. Before buying, you should check whether installation in your own car is possible without problems.

The performance

With 4 x 50 watts the performance is rather in the middle range of the reviewed products. Another decisive point that ensured that the product is not to be found in the top five. Here, a little more power would have been necessary to make the leap to the top. Nevertheless, Pioneer’s model is a very good choice for lovers of touch displays.

Technical information:

Model: MVH-AV280BT Size: 2 DIN Outputs: 4 x 50W Inputs: USB, AUX, NFC, Bluetooth Case: black Lighting: red

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