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Pioneer TS-WX710A Reviewed


The TS-WX710A is just one of the few active subwoofers launched by Japanese electronics giant Pioneer. In the music scene, Pioneer has had a good reputation for many decades, whether the active subwoofer

The TS-WX710A is a master in camouflage and space-saving. It can be easily mounted on the back of the rear seat. With its low height and dark, simple design, it is hardly noticeable and takes up little space. A little too simple and boring…

Pioneer lives up to its reputation in the construction industry. The workmanship is very nice and the material is designed for a long life. The surface is non-slip and scratch-resistant. You could even put a piece of luggage on top of the subwoofer without it getting hurt, but you don’t have to challenge it πŸ˜‰. The assembly is done in a very short time by using our own safety assembly kit.

As its little brother Pioneer TS-WX120A already showed in the review, the sound is very great and it delivers precise and beautiful sounds. The TS-WX710A has a stronger bass than its little brother and is very strong and good for an active subwoofer (but can’t compete with a passive). As a little extra, the sound can be easily adjusted from the driver’s seat, as it has a wired remote control.

Technical information about TS-WX710A

The TS-WX710A has 2 membranes with a diameter of 16 cm. Together they create a power of 100 Wrms. This is supported by a built-in 200W MOSFET amplifier. The low power is also the reason why the bass is not as strong as others, but the sound is still audible.Β With its height of 9 cm, it is considered ultra-flat and can be quickly installed in the boot. The overall size is 85 x 32 x 9 cm.Β A clear advantage is that all components and cables are already included in the delivery.

The TS-WX710A is characterised by its great sound, high-quality materials and quick and easy installation. The only thing it can’t compete with is the bass.

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