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Pioneer TS-WX610A Review


Japanese electronics giant Pioneer is bringing a whole new kind of car subwoofer to the market with its TS-WX610A. With its special shape, it perfectly fills the spare wheel well, even though the spare wheel is still fitted. It is the only one in our review that has this feature. Whether it is up front with it or as a fl

The TS-WX610A not only sounds great, but is also very compact. This means that the subwoofer does not require a large boot. The active subwoofer is designed to fit comfortably in the boot of the car. The space-saving design is combined with a high-quality finish, so the TS-WX610A is on a par with its larger colleagues. The TS-WX610A is also the winner of the review with its low power consumption. Full details of the TS-WX610A’s technology and rating are given in the following two paragraphs.

The TS-WX610A’s visual appearance has received only positive comments. The space-saving and functional design was taken into account, as was the subtle colour scheme. The subwoofer also scored highly in terms of quality. In the construction category, the TS-WX610A was noted for its high-quality materials and easy installation and removal.

The sound of the TS-WX610A has been compromised. Although the device was confirmed to have good music reproduction overall, the bass was not convincing. There seems to be a problem with limousines in particular that the bass doesn’t reach the front of the car.

In the following video you can get an idea of the review (don’t forget to turn on the sound):

Pioneer TS WX610A Subwoofer im Reserverad

Technical information of TS-WX610A

The TS-WX610A subwoofer is an active model. The power amplifier is therefore already built into the unit. This has the advantage that there is no additional expense for purchasing an amplifier. With the model described here, however, the intensity of the bass suffers as a result — despite the power of 100 Wrms. The subwoofer comes with a built-in 200 watt Mosfet amplifier, which was also recognized by the jury as a clear advantage. The built-in membrane has a size of 2 x 10 cm. The review of Pioneer’s subwoofer also shows that its power consumption is quite low and therefore does not need to hide from other active subwoofers. Here you can find a direct comparison of the Pioneer subwoofers from our review.

The TS-WX610A is the solution for a compact subwoofer. It is easy to install and remove, but not suitable for all types of cars.

Do not forget Cinch cables

The scope of delivery includes the subwoofer and the remaining mounting material. But what is missing is the RCA cable! Very recommendable is the cable from Hama and with its length of 5 m you can get to any spot in the car without any problems.

Hama Cinchkabel

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