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Pioneer TS-WX210A Review


Japanese hi-fi manufacturer and electronics giant Pioneer has been known for decades for producing first-class hi-fi components at a moderate price. Pioneer has long been one of the market leaders, especially in the field of car hi-fi. In our subwoofer review we took a closer look at the rather small Pioneer TS-WX210A.

The TS-WX210A has a very stylish design. The colour choice is modern and timeless. With its half square, half round shape, it can be placed or simply installed under the passenger seat or in the trunk. A thin grille serves as protection for the diaphragm, but it does not affect the sound and also looks good.

In the review, we found that even after continuous operation, the aluminium cooling housing does not start to overheat. This is due to the fact that only a high-quality material was used and a lot of attention was paid to a clean finish. The material of the actual subwoofer inside the TS-WX210A consists of an IMPP composite cone woofer with a strontium magnet.

The good construction ensures a correspondingly good sound! The performance fits simply super. Even though the TS-WX210A is small in volume, it delivers powerful and clear bass. Of course, it can’t compete with the powerful bass of its bigger brothers, but it has many other advantages. With its built-in low-pass filter, it can be used especially at low and medium volumes. […]

In the following video you can get an idea of the review (don’t forget to turn on the sound):

Pioneer TS-WX210A

The TS-WX210A delivers 150 watts despite its small size of 250 x 265 x 110 mm. The membrane therefore has a diameter of only 20 cm. The frequency response is in the range of 50 to 150 Hertz with an impedance of 4 ohms. The sound pressure is 101 dB. The low frequency performance is supported by an integrated variable low pass filter for frequencies from 50 to 125 Hertz. In the review, we found that this is exceptional in this price category. As an extra, the TS-WX210A comes with a remote wired remote control, giving the driver full control over bass boost, phase and low-pass filter from the seat. It comes with an easy-to-understand operating and installation manual and a connection cable.

You can’t really go wrong with the TS-WX210A. The basses are very rich and defined. The design, workmanship and sound of this bass is the only thing that can’t keep up with its big rivals.

Do not forget Cinch cables

The scope of delivery includes the subwoofer and the remaining mounting material. But what is missing is the RCA cable! Very recommendable is the cable from Hama and with its length of 5 m you can get to any spot in the car without any problems.

Hama Cinchkabel

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