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Pioneer TS-G1733i – Car Speakers Reviewed


Pioneer is a manufacturer of various electronic devices. Especially in the car and home entertainment sector Pioneer is a well-known brand in the market. In a review several speakers have been reviewed and evaluated. Sometimes the sound, the construction, the design, the price as well as the construction and the performance were taken into consideration. In our car speaker review, the TS-G1733i took a remarkable place. Only the review winner was ultimately able to outdo the Pioneer product.

The sound of the TS-G1733i

The Pioneer model scored particularly well on sound. We couldn’t find any faults in terms of sound in our review. Only the JVC and JBL speakers were able to keep up with the Pioneer product in terms of sound.

The structure

The Pioneer loudspeakers were also able to continue to impress in terms of set-up. However, there were some minor flaws in the installation, so it must be assumed that a layman first has to inform himself thoroughly in order not to make any mistakes. In the end, this could also be the reason why the review winner is not Pioneer. Nevertheless, even here it is only small

The design

When it comes to design, the TS-G1733i is a rock solid product, but not a top product. In our opinion, the design is kept a little too simple to get the full score. Similarly, Pioneer’s less expensive product, the TS-G1031i, lacks the finishing touches to make the speakers a real eye-catcher in the car’s interior.

The Price

At just over 40 euros, this product is in second place and is slightly more expensive than the models in third to fifth place, but this is also reflected in the quality. Many details and small details are better worked out or mature. Therefore the price should not be a deterrent. In this case, the Pioneer brand promises what it keeps. Good quality for a fair price in proportion.

The design

3-way coaxial (16.5 cm )

The performance

At the end of our review, the performance was of course also closely examined again. With 40 Wrms/92 dB, the model also lands far in front in this category, but not in first place. In many categories the loudspeakers lacked the last bit to emerge as review winner.

Technical information:

Model: Pioneer TS-G1733iDesign: 3-way coaxialPower: 40 WrmsSound pressure: 88.7 dBDiameter: 16.5 cm

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