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TS-G1031i Pioneer – Car Speakers Reviewed


Pioneer is now sometimes considered one of the best known brands in the field of car speakers. After initially focusing on speakers for almost 30 years, Pioneer now produces all kinds of consumer electronics products. In our car speaker review, the TS-G1733i speaker came in second, but not this model. The review evaluated and compared the speakers in the categories of sound, construction, design, price, construction and performance. Unfortunately, the overall rating of the TS-G1031i speakers did not reflect the

The sound of the TS-G1031i

In terms of sound, Pioneer could not quite convince with this model. Due to the strong competition, the bar is raised very high, especially in this category. The JBL GX402, a smaller version of our winning model, is a comparable product. In comparison, JBL has a much better sound quality, which is why full points cannot be given for the TS-G1031i.

The structure

With a good manual and an easy installation procedure, Pioneer speakers can convince in this category. Not only is the installation easy, but also fast. In the review, this was given full marks.

The design

In terms of design, Pioneer is characterised by a simple, stylish look. The rather small size of only 10.0 cm further enhances the simple appearance. Like many other products, the product is black and silver. However, the speakers do not perform particularly well in the review, so they do not get a full score.

The Price

The TS-G1031i’s price/performance ratio is once again a category that convinces. For performance in the other categories, the price offered is a bargain. Especially for a well-known Pioneer product, the ratio is almost unbeatable. Furthermore, the speakers are supplied as a pair.

The design

Double diaphragm coaxial loudspeaker (10,0 cm).

The performance

At 86 dB, the loudspeakers’ output is rather in the lower midfield. In the review all loudspeakers of the Top 5 convince with at least 88 dB. Therefore, the TS-G1031i speakers do not get the full score in this category.

Technical information:

Model: Pioneer TS-G1031iConstruction: Double diaphragm coaxialPower: 30 WrmsSound pressure: 86 dBDiameter: 10 cm

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