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Pioneer TS-A6924i – Speakers Review


Pioneer’s products were almost omnipresent in all our reviews presented on this website. Be it speakers, car radios or even subwoofers. In this case, we have several car speakers in the review and would like to introduce the TS-A6924i in more detail. In the end, it wasn’t enough for this product to be placed right at the front, but there are still some noteworthy aspects about the speakers that shouldn’t be withheld. Once again, Pioneer proves that quality can be maintained over the long term if you turn the right set screws. Unfortunately, this is often at the expense of the price.

The sound of the TS-A6924i

These Pioneer speakers have some of the best sound in the entire review. Once again, Pioneer confirms that it will be difficult to displace the company in this sector, as the sound is flawless in almost all of its products. So listening to music is ultimately fun again! This aspect was also the reason why a Pioneer model came in second, ahead of a JVC product in third place.

The structure

Also the construction usually succeeds without major obstacles, if something deals with the general pitfalls. Although the installation in the car of the TS-A6924i is not particularly tricky, you should follow the instructions in the manual exactly to avoid mistakes.

The design

The loudspeakers also score points in terms of design. Hardly any other product has been able to show a better design in reviews. A real eye-catcher for every car, if you disregard the Auna Goldblaster, which was even more convincing in this category.

The Price

In the end, the biggest shortcoming was the price. With more than 70 € this is far above the other reviewed products. Although you get an excellent sound for what you spend, in the end the price is a bit too high when you compare it with similar products of the competition.

The design

Four-way coaxial.

The performance

In our review the product scored again, especially in terms of performance. Here you can see again that you get something for your money with Pioneer. With 91 dB, the TS-A6924i is way out in front in the ranking.

Technical information:

Model: Pioneer TS-A6924iConfiguration: 4-way coaxialPower: 100 WrmsSound pressure: 91 dBDiameter: Oval (237×163)

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