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Thule Pacific 780 Cargo Box Review


The Thule Pacific 780 is a roof box for the car. It can be mounted on top of the car roof. This way you can transport some extra cargo. The car must be suitable for mounting the roof box.

The Thule Pacific 780 is a ski box. So it is the right place for your skis on holiday. This means that the skis do not have to be stored in the car, which is very difficult and very dangerous due to its length. Instead, you find your place in the roof box and do not disturb the ride.

Thule Pacific 780 – Fortification & Security

The Thule Pacific 780 is fastened with a Fast-Grip quick-fastening system. With this system, the roof box can be mounted very quickly. In addition, the roof box holds the car extremely tight and will certainly not fall off.

The opening of the roof box is on the right. While driving, it closes securely and cannot open under any circumstances. Otherwise, the opening is easy to open, so that you can easily and quickly access the contents.

Design of the roof box

The Thule Pacific 780 has a simple black design. In white on the roof box is the name of the manufacturer – Thule. Otherwise it is aerodynamically shaped, so that it provides as little drag as possible when driving.

If this roof box is mounted on your car, it will blend in perfectly with the exterior of your car. It does not stand out, but fits perfectly on the roof of your car. When driving, you won’t even notice the presence of the Thule Pacific 780.

Technical data & material

The Thule Pacific 780 is made of high quality HIPS material. The Thule Pacific 780 is splash-proof and keeps the luggage inside safe and dry, with a maximum weight of 50 kg. This value should never be exceeded for your own safety. The Thule Pacific 780 can hold a total of 420 litres.

The dimensions of the roof box are 196 x 78 x 45 cm. Thus it finds perfect place on all conventional car models. The roof box itself weighs 15 kg. Therefore it is just light enough to be mounted relatively easily on the car roof. It is locked firmly and securely with the central locking system. This again increases the safety of this roof box.

Details Thule Pazifik 780

  • Roof box for the car in simple, black design
  • Designed for the transport of skis
  • Fast-Grip quick fastening system – fast and secure fastening
  • Aerodynamic shape
  • High quality HIPS material
  • Max. 50 kg load capacity
  • Safe transport with the roof box
  • Good quality & processing


The Thule Pacific 780 is the ideal roof box for your car, so you can safely take your skis with you on vacation. Attaching the Thule Pacific 780 to the roof of your car is very easy and can be done quickly. The quality of the Thule Pacific 780 is very high and protects the contents safely during long car trips. If you are looking for a good roof box for your skis, the Thule Pacific 780 is the right choice.

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