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3 Apps For Free Online Music Recognition Review


Do you recognize yourself in these lines? How many times have you ever heard a catchy tune and caught yourself thinking that you have heard this song before? Of course you can’t remember the title of the song right here. But still you couldn’t name the song. But maybe you can remember a line of text or you can determine the beginning of the song. If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, then free music recognition online will definitely help you.

Free music recognition online even works in “live mode”.

This means that simply by listening to the song you activate the free music recognition online and within seconds you will get the title of the song on your display on your phone. Of course, the free music recognition online service also offers you the possibility to download the song immediately from the database to your mobile phone. Then it is stored forever and ever on your phone and can be played at any time.

The technical bandwidth of free music recognition online

It all started with Shazam, the pioneer of the entire industry for free music recognition online. The service was not yet technically mature, but it quickly became the market leader. This also enabled Shazam to secure high user numbers.

To this day, the service is a market leader for free music recognition online. Of course, many other services have also established themselves on the market since Shazam was founded. Nevertheless, the London-based company remains an established force in the market.

Today the databases are getting bigger and bigger. This also determines the acceptance among users. While in the early years a lot of experimentation was done to find the optimal technique, today the method of “music recognition” has become established for most online music recognition services.

Today this method is considered the most common method of database search based on melody recognition algorithms. The applied mini-format format additionally creates the possibility of exchanging data and songs with other music fans in a community. With the best car speakers, these can be played quickly in the car.

Important apps and services that offer free music recognition online

As already mentioned in the introduction, there are different providers. Shazam itself still has a very high market share, but will

Streaming services such as Spotify are also entering the market and offering their services to customers. However, it must be noted with qualification that most of the services mentioned here offer a fee-based service in addition to a free service.

The difference usually lies in the possibility of advertising-free use.

So there are no advertising interruptions if you pay a monthly fee for the service. If one decides for the free music recognition online service, then one hears from time to time also a short advertising interruption.

Shazam – The top dog among the services

Shazam was developed in the early 2000s. This was a time when music streaming services were not yet mainstream. Today Shazam has a

  • very extensive database
  • and very many songs

on sale. The music recognition software is also repeatedly praised by the experts for its high standards. Click here for the Shazam website.

The free music recognition online service: Midomi

This service is often called “the unsurpassed music search”. Whether this is rightly done, you will have to find out for yourself in the end. However, the free music recognition fulfils the high expectations of many critics. Customers are usually very enthusiastic about the service.

Especially the online music recognition and assignment of hummed rock and pop songs is considered to be very accurate. All in all everything works impressively well with Midomi. The principle comes from the field of “Music Information Retrieval”.

This means that through the so-called “Blind Melody Recognition” every song can be easily recognized and found.

Musipedia: The free online music recognition service

This service offers its service to its customers under the motto “classical music recognition service”.

It offers its customers significantly more options for music recognition than other providers. Of course, each of the free music recognition online services has a different focus. The focus at Musipedia is mainly on classical music.

Use this service once and you have a good chance of making a find here.

What other tips can we give you?

Basically, the service recognizes a song by the first tone. So no long song tracks are needed to recognize the song. However, music recognition also takes place through data input. You can enter parts of the lyrics and hope that the service will present you the title of the song and the artist.

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