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Naviskauto W0237 – Navigation Device Review


Naviskauto is one of the best known manufacturers of car radios, transportable DVD players and car displays. In our review, the car radios of partly well-known manufacturers were put through their paces. Devices from Sony, Naviskauto, JVC and XOMAX were among the participants. In the end, Naviskauto’s product, the W0237, was the winner of the review. The categories reviewed included features, handling, design, size, price and performance. Somewhat surprisingly, even the most prestigious competitor, Sony, did not manage to beat Naviskauto’s product in the car radio review. A well-deserved victory for an absolutely good device, the Naviskauto W0237, in the price-performance ratio. You can read why here.

Especially in terms of features, the Naviskauto W0237 model managed to outdo a big competitor, JVC, for example. This car radio scores the full points mainly because it can do so much more. The Naviskauto can also be used as a navigation device or DVD player. In addition, it is possible to make phone calls via an external microphone and have the necessary phone numbers found in the integrated phone book. The automatic connection and the search function ultimately make the overall package complete.

The handling

At least in the handling there were slight deductions for the W0237 navi car. Although the product is easy to use via the touch control, there were some minor weaknesses in the settings and handling. For example, the size of the car radio. The radio seems almost overloaded by the multitude of possible settings and thus somewhat confusing.

The design

Especially in terms of design, the Naviskauto is simply unbeatable. It looks elegant and classy in almost every car and thus becomes a real eye-catcher in the front area of the car. In addition, the review also showed that the design

The Price

One of the most important factors is and remains the price in the end when choosing a suitable car radio. Although the model in our review is the one with the highest price, there are still more expensive products on the market, such as the AVH-X7800BT. In the end, however, it has to be said that the car navigation system is moderately priced in the overall comparison and offers excellent value for money.

The size of the Naviskauto W0237

In the review, the size in particular shows a special feature compared to the other products. It is the only device that has a size of 2-DIN. All other models leave it at 1-DIN. This is particularly noticeable in the optics. While all other products have the typical rectangular shape, the navigation car has an almost square look with an integrated display. A real plus point in comparison.

The performance

In the review, it was only in this category that the navigation car performed the weakest. However, this is not necessarily a disadvantage. With 4 x 45 W, the main focus of this product is on the navigation, DVD player and car radio functions. This aspect shows that performance plays a subordinate role. Hence a well-deserved review victory!

Technical information:

Model: Naviskauto W0237 Size: 2 DIN Outputs: 4 x 45W Inputs: USB, AUX, NFC, Bluetooth Case: black Lighting: individual

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