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Dismantling the Subwoofer Myth


Myth or truth? More and more funny questions and opinions are circulating on the web about car subwoofers. With some statements you can only grab at your head because they are simply illogical. But there are also statements that sound plausible but are nevertheless wrong. In our Mythos Subwoofer we get to the bottom of the general statements and check if they are true or just a myth!

Just add a subwoofer and the sound is perfect!

To get a perfect sound, the 3 frequency ranges (low, medium, high) must be covered and above all, the playback devices must have a good quality. You can put the perfect subwoofer in your car that will give you strong bass, but without the right speakers, you will not be able to get the melody and vocals to the right quality. It is also important to remember that subwoofers are not always the same and each has a different idea of perfect sound. This is a MYTH.

The cabinet says everything about a subwoofer and is the most important thing!

It’s the same as judging a book by its cover. The cover is one of several indicators that must be correct for a result that suits you. Imagine you have a Ferrari with a built-in 60 hp engine. From the outside the car radiates power, sport and elegance. But once you step on the gas, the disillusionment comes. It’s the same with the subwoofer, if you have the most beautiful and best enclosure, it can still be too weak and make you unhappy. But what’s true is that the style of music is crucial in choosing your enclosure. But in summary it is a MYTH.

Such a small subwoofer cannot produce strong bass!

Above a certain size, you reach your physical limits. But meanwhile there are already loudspeakers that you can mount on a pane, table, wall etc. and that use their base as a resonating body. The bass is not the same as in the big colleagues, but you will be surprised what’s in such small speakers. Small subwoofers are mainly available as active ones. These usually have less bass than the passive ones, but can still do quite a bit. But all in all, this statement is TRUE.

A good subwoofer must be big!

And a strong car must also be big. You realize that’s not entirely true. It always depends on what you want to achieve with a subwoofer. If you want a bass machine, it has to be big with big diaphragms and lots of heat! However, if you want to get the best sound and a pleasant bass, it doesn’t have to be big. A perfect example is the TS-WX120A. That’s why the statement is not directly correct and is a MYTH.

When I buy a subwoofer, I want to hear it strongly!

Unlike the front speakers, you won’t know if you have a subwoofer or not until you turn it off. Humans cannot locate low frequencies and consciously perceive them when they are missing. To make sure that listening to music does not become a cramp, you should definitely adjust your subwoofer correctly. That is why this statement is a MYTH.

The flickering of the headlights can only come from a too weak battery!

The flickering is only a sign that the headlights are not receiving enough current and are therefore not shining constantly. On some cars it is easy to see that when a bass is being played, the headlights suddenly fade. This can be trivial things, that the battery is too weak or that the power supply does not fit. For example, the power cables might be too thin, a power cap might be missing or the clamps of the power cables might not be mounted properly. These are all reasons for flickering headlights. Therefore this statement is a MYTH.

Only proles and people with small sexual organs own a subwoofer

Unfortunately, I cannot answer this question, because I have not yet measured with any scale and have drawn up a study. But I just think that there are so many areas of application for subwoofers and that even family cars are more and more equipped with subwoofers where the parents are certainly not proles. They just love listening to music! Often such a myth only arises when a group of people feel threatened and want to blame their own problems on a hostile group. But that is our opinion alone! Therefore everybody has to find his own answer to this question and draw his own standard!

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