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Mount The Subwoofer In The Car Or Not?


It is absolutely essential to mount the subwoofer correctly! After all, when driving a car, safety should always be the top priority. Because nothing can be more dangerous than a flying subwoofer. What happens if you don’t mount the subwoofer or if you just haven’t had time and have an accident, you can see in the following pictures:

What powers are released?

These pictures are actual pictures after an accident! Once the subwoofer flies through the air, unimaginably high forces are released and a rear wall is bent over without any problems. If a friend of yours were sitting in the back seat, he would either be seriously injured or not survive. This has to do with the fact that objects that are in motion have a much higher force than quiet objects. For example, in a frontal crash at 50 km/h, an object that weighs only 20 kg becomes a projectile of 800 kg. If you increase the speed to 70 km/h, it even comes to 1,200 kg! That is already the weight of a small car! Therefore, always attach the subwoofer to the car first and correctly. Because the argument that this will reduce the music quality is nonsense!

The worthless savings option

The most common, but worthless, method of attachment is with double-sided adhesive tape or a non-slip mat. In your circle of friends or on forums you hear this option from so many people, because it is easy to use, costs little and prevents the subwoofer from slipping. However, this only applies if the car ride is not turbulent. If you like to step on the gas pedal and drive your car a little faster into corners, the sub will slip in the trunk. Since it normally doesn’t hit the walls (unless you use a tube), you won’t notice it from the driver’s seat. Only when you open the trunk will you be surprised that it changes its position every time. But how are you going to mount the subwoofer in the car?

This is how you should mount your subwoofer in your car

You only need two things:

  • Lashing straps*
  • Load securing eyes*

A lashing belt is pulled through the load securing eyelets (also known as cramp, lashing eye, loop, securing eyelet) and tightened. This allows you to secure the subwoofer in the car without it becoming unstable. Load securing eyelets are already standard equipment on newer models. In station wagons and SUV’s there are usually some on the side walls and on the back seat. In small or older cars, there is not always one. Therefore there is the possibility to install eyelets in the car later. They are available for a small price and they are easy to attach. You should definitely use a surface that is hard. It is not very useful to mount an eyelet on a surface that is loose in the trunk. You can basically use any of the straps, but we still recommend that you use a high quality one. Cheap straps can tear quickly, or soon become brittle and tear without the influence of force.

In the two pictures you can see the optimal attachment. The subwoofers are located inside the lashing straps, which are connected from eyelet to eyelet and important: The lashing straps are tight! They do not sag! The subwoofer therefore has no leeway and cannot take up speed and become a bullet!

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