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Tips For Mounting A Navigation Mount


What good is the best mount with the best navigation device if it doesn’t hold? Most people are familiar with the problem that the cradle holds well for a while after mounting, but falls off again after a few hours at the lareview. There are a lot of funny tips on the Internet, not all of which are promising. Here, we’ll take a closer look at some of them and present the ultimate trick that will make your navigation device last for several months without any problems!

Suction cup does not hold

Why doesn’t the retainer always hold?

The holder can only hold if the suction cup can create a vacuum that presses the holder firmly against the glass. If it is not possible for the suction cup to create a vacuum, the navigation device will fall down. Of course, several factors play a role here. Firstly, the age is decisive, but because at a certain point the plastic becomes brittle and no longer holds. But this only happens over many, many years.

But by far the most common problem is simple dust. After a certain time in the car, dust forms on the windscreen. You can easily see this if there is already a layer of dust on the dashboard. It is hardly visible on the windscreen. Same on the suction cup.

Mounting tips

1. spit on it and move on

When you hurt yourself, there’s an old saying: “Spit on it and move on”. This saying is not only true for injuries, but can also help when mounting the navigation system. Because the spit frees the suction cup from dust and a thin layer of liquid is formed. This ensures that the suction cup can seal better and the vacuum is created. However, there is one thing that everyone must decide for themselves. Because the spit will stick to the disc afterwards. If you do it the first time it is not that bad, but if you spit more often the disc gets a bit angular. If you don’t mind that, you have found a simple trick for it. Otherwise there are enough other tips.

2. use glass cleaner

A half as angular method is a glass cleaner. Simply clean the glass and the bracket with the glass cleaner. This ensures that the pane is clean and free of grease and that the vacuum can be restored. This is a quick and effective method in the fight against gravity. Above all, you can also leave the bottle in the car in summer. We can highly recommend the Frosch* glass cleaner.

3. Hairspray

Especially women have a hairspray at hand quickly. Men must either get it from the house or leave it directly in the car. It is also an all-purpose weapon, because it not only helps to keep the hair the way it is, to prevent the pantyhose from tearing further and to make the suction cup stick better. He achieves this by mixing all the dust grains into a sticky layer, which in turn creates a good seal with the disc. But unfortunately this tip does not always help. And in summer, a can of hairspray should never be left in the car for too long! Therefore, it is better to fall back on other possibilities.

4. lukewarm water with soap

This idea is also circulating on the Internet, but it is more questionable than helpful. Because the holder (WITHOUT NAVI) has to be put in a lukewarm water with soap, please do not put the Navi in the water! Afterwards let it pull a little bit and the holder can be mounted on the windscreen afterwards. But there are already some dissenting voices that the soap destroys the softeners in the plastic. In addition the mounting plate becomes somewhat angular thereby. Unfortunately, we also had to find out that the mounting did not necessarily go easier because of this. So we decided to use our ultimate trick.

5. ultimate trick: wet wipe

You see, mounting is not a great witchcraft once you know how to do it properly. Therefore listen to many so-called helpers from some forums, which only give you a headache or maybe drop the navigation system so that the display breaks down afterwards. We wish you much fun on your next trip!

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