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Guide to Mancave Soundsystems


To own a real man cave is without question an absolute highlight. Not that women are not allowed to enter it! But every lady who sets her foot over the threshold must be aware that pure masculinity unfolds in this place. This applies from the ceiling to the floor, for optics and sound. Some “Man Cave” is crammed with toys for guys, from fat sound systems to pinball machines to game consoles. But also for comfort is usually well provided.

Uninhibited sound development for cave dwellers

“He’s harmless, he just wants to play!” This motto could very well be written on the entrance door of almost every man’s cave. For most of the real guys among us, relaxation means not only to hang out chilling, but also to experience captivating adventures, whether on display or in real life at any kind of gaming table. Sound always plays an important role, probably most subwoofers are firmly in the hands of men anyway.

Even the sophisticated Dolby Surround System will certainly find its traditional place in reviewosterone-impregnated rooms! Connected to the Cinema LED screen, the result is a unique experience, as if tobe the action hero were right through the room, always close on his opponents’ heels. Many big boys nowadays choose a beamer instead of a TV set to stream the Netflix movies and Amazon Prime Jewels directly from the net to the wall. In this case, too, nothing stands in the way of uninhibited sound development, so that some cave dwellers have even thought of giving their walls better sound insulation. Angry neighbours can be real nerve killers.

Immerse yourself deeply in digital worlds of pleasure with strong sound

The same sound system, which beams the lareview action flick directly into the cinema room, can of course also be used to broadcast music. Duplicate equipment is just as unnecessary today as plugging cables back and forth to switch from one device to the next. Every kind of digital enjoyment can be perfectly combined with the other, you just need the right technical equipment. In this way, “Man” can also dive deep into his virtual games, surrounded solely by the sounds of the respective game, as deceptively real as if the digital world were more real than reality.

But there is another way: Retro and Arcades are in like never before, and the good old slot machine is currently enjoying increasing popularity again. While most machines of this kind have become more modern and story-driven in the course of their development, there is currently an unusually high demand for the classic one-armed bandit. It is simply a precious pearl that will really polish up a man’s den! A certain amount of noise has always belonged to these now quite nostalgic devices. The sound simply increases the tension and stages even small profits like a kind of ceremony. This still works today without amplifiers or special loudspeakers, we have to admit frankly and freely at this point. Some things never change, even though the technical possibilities multiply like rabbits.

Typical Daddel sound like back in the arcade hall

Speaking of vending machines: We already mentioned the pinball machine, which in earlier years was still in almost every pub. Today you can hardly find this rather reduced species in the wild anymore. But behind closed doors in secret cellar rooms it has been preserved and brings as much fun as ever! The typical daddel sound that accompanies these devices will surely still sound in the ears of those who were allowed to stand next to them in the distant past.

By the way, this is true for all arcade games of the old generation, which may have sounded a little tinny and awkward, but with their special charm they still enchant numerous men’s hearts today. Whoever finds such machines for himself and sets them up in his private four walls has conquered true jewels! Anyone who is worth a visit will certainly want to get their hands on these cool, old things and spend a few rounds to their heart’s content.

Afterwards you can go to the sofa, where the single malt whiskey is already waiting and the Mega-Trommel Chips, for a casual movie night in the man cave.

Handheld consoles in the “Man Cave”: small, but extremely variable

Which of you own a handheld console? It’s another way for “man” to lounge around on the sofa, no question. Then the movie theater display will just be left out and the adventures will take place in a very small scale. Some of these little pastimes even have a connection for external speakers, so that the associated sounds don’t come across as pathetic. For the PSP 3004, a portable Playstation from Sony, for example, you get a docking station with speakers. So even these mini devices can be improved to increase the entertainment value a good bit. By the way, you can also network many handheld consoles with each other to immerse yourself in addictive multiplayer games together with friends: certainly a strong idea for a modern armchair party that brings maximum enjoyment to all involved.

Every man is different, his cave should suit him in all respects. So you’d better not let your girlfriend chew your way in on the decorating! Don’t listen too much to your friends either, unless they absolutely share your interests. Let your heart speak for itself and don’t forget the right sound.

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