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Menabo Roof Cargo Boxes Review


The Italian company Menabo is an accessories specialist. The product portfolio includes bicycle racks, roof boxes and load carriers, ski racks and also wheel covers.

Top 3 Menabo roof boxes in comparison

Menabo Mania 320

This black Menabo roof box is very aerodynamically designed and perfectly suited for holidays and camping.

It has a capacity of 320 litres and has been reviewed by Driver’s Creed, and it also bears the GS mark. Security is provided by a safety locking system with central locking. Even larger amounts of luggage are loaded safely up to the permissible load capacity of the car roof.

The box offers maximum comfort and relieves the load on the vehicle’s trunk and interior by providing additional storage space on the roof. The particularly aerodynamic design minimizes the air resistance of the box, which the manufacturer can offer at a very reasonable price.

As a reliable transport solution, it is versatile and can be used in all seasons. The high-quality box perfectly combines design and functionality at the highest level.

Menabo Mania 460 Duo

This Menabo roof box is called a duo because it can be opened from both sides.

The number 460 indicates the total volume of the box, which can hold a lot of luggage even for long holidays or camping for several weeks. In this way, the holiday begins even before the journey with the convenient stowage of all the souvenirs. The TÜV-reviewed box has a load capacity of 75 kg and a safety locking system including central locking.

Stowing the luggage is very easy due to the opening possibility from both sides. Despite its size, the box has a particularly aerodynamic design and thus hardly increases fuel consumption. Previous buyers praise the excellent workmanship of the roof box and the easy installation on the car roof, which can be done by one person alone. The appearance, size, quality and handling of the roof box are considered to be very successful.

Menabo Mania Duo 580

With this silver-coloured roof box from Menabo, motorists get an even bigger duo with 580 litres of storage space and external dimensions of 225 x 90 x 34 cm and internal dimensions of 215 x 82 x 30.5 cm (each L x W x H).

The Menabo roof box is so large that it can also hold ski and camping equipment. Like every Menabo roof box, it has a first-class security system with central locking.

Menabo Serien

The manufacturer offers its roof boxes in the two series Diamond and Mania. Each Menabo roof box can be installed easily, quickly and without tools.

1. Menabo Diamond roof boxes

These roof boxes are characterised by their particularly large storage space. They are available in white, matt black and shiny black. The quick-fastening system works with a T-slot for easy handling, security is provided by the central locking system and enclosed tensioning straps. Users can choose between an opening on the right or on both sides. The storage space is between 450 and 500 litres with 75 kg maximum load.

2. Menabo Mania Series

These roof boxes are very functional due to their Quick Fixing System. They are aimed at users who do not want to spend a lot of time installing roof boxes. The Mania series is available in various sizes.

The Menabo company

Menabo was founded in 1972 as a small handicraft business and offered car accessories from the beginning. The first products included consoles for car radios. With the development of modern means of transport, the company specialized in carrier accessories for motor vehicles, which it develops and produces itself.

Over the decades, the corresponding know-how in the necessary production processes such as the moulding of various plastics and the processing of aluminium and steel has grown. In Europe, Menabo today holds a leading position in carrier accessories.

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