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Magnat Subwoofer Reviewed


The two Magnat subwoofers from our review

Magnat subwoofer is for many car tuners a well-known brand. Especially because they offer very cheap car subwoofers. And despite the low price Magnat manages to deliver good quality. Of course the products cannot compete with high quality competitors, but because of the good price/performance ratio the Magnat subwoofers are especially suitable for beginners. Even for little money the bass in a car can be raised considerably. In our car subwoofer review, the BS 30 did particularly well.

Information about the manufacturer

Magnat is a German producer of audio systems for cars and homes. The company history goes back to the 70s, the year of its foundation. At that time, the company only built loudspeakers for the home, but with success. In 1978 the All Ribbon 10 tweeter was crowned the best selling loudspeaker. It was not until 1983 that they expanded their product range and also produced car speakers, similar to Hifonics. After a long success story the company was handed over to the American company Audiovox in 1992. Until today, the company structure has not changed. The headquarters is still located in Germany, where the well-known Magnat subwoofers are still produced today. Meanwhile the company history goes back more than 40 years and it seems that there will be many more to come, fortunately! To get a little insight into the power and the power we have prepared a video of the Pro Charger 130. But important: Don’t forget to switch on the sound!

magnat pro Ladegerät 130

To this day, new subwoofers are being developed and launched on the market in Germany. Starting with the right geometry up to the final sound check, everything takes place in our own factories. It is only through this approach that they can stay on the ball and have managed to be active in over 50 countries.

There are more Magnat subwoofers on Amazon:

What do we think about the Magnat subwoofers?

The first thought that comes to our mind about a Magnat subwoofer is: value for money. Seldom a loudspeaker has such a good ratio as a Magnat subwoofer. Even for little money you can get a good product with a good bass and long life. As you’ve already seen in the video, they play good bass and look beautiful at the same time. Depending on the model, they are available with LED lighting, so that the boot looks nice for your friends, too. With these features they are perfect for beginners and are fun for advanced players as well. In most cases, however, advanced users will choose higher quality products or build their own subwoofers. For beginners even the small products are very pleasant, as they don’t take up much space from the boot and can still deliver their performance. In our review the BS 30 did very well.

What we like:+ Subwoofers are already available for little money + Unique price/performance ratio + Suitable for beginners + Striking and eye-catching design + Still developing new products + Play strong basses and let
What we don’t like:- The sound is not as precise as the bass – The used material is not very high quality – Focus is only in the beginners area

More info about Magnat Subwoofer you will find

in our review reports. This includes not only the data, but also our impressions on processing, design and sound. In addition, we have added a video for you to try out so that you don’t have to visit a specialist shop. If this information is still not enough for you, you can check out the Magnat website.

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