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Magnat Pro Charger 130 Review


The Magnat Pro Charger 130 first of all attracts attention visually: With its blue LED lighting it remains visible from afar as long as you don’t hide it in the trunk. But even from here, the bandpass subwoofer with its 30cm membrane makes itself quite noticeable. Acoustically, it convinces with its powerful bass and makes your beloved car vibrate and the mirrors are guaranteed to rattle. The 40 oz high performance magnet, the flow-optimised bass reflex channel and the additional voice coil ventilation help here. So you can open the trunk and proudly present the shining subwoofer.

The workmanship of the box is neat, even if the material used is rather middle class. The plexiglass cover over the membrane is sufficiently stable. It can only happen that the screws loosen slightly over time, but they are immediately reattached with a screwdriver. The dimensions are relatively compact with 44 x 41 x 34 cm, so you won’t lose too much of the trunk. This is very similar to its relative, the magnate BS 30.

Those of you who want to listen more closely will notice, however, that the Magnat Pro Charger 130 does not sound equally good over the entire frequency range. Sometimes the sound starts to scratch a little. Thus, absolute sound purists have to continue looking for alternatives. But for those of you who are more interested in bass power and a decent sound pressure level, this model is quite right.

In this video you can listen to the review and convince yourself of the strong bass (do not forget to switch on the sound).

magnat pro Ladegerät 130

Technical information of the Magnat Pro Charger 130

With its 400 Wrms and 1200 Wmax it covers a frequency range of 20 — 500 Hz and the maximum achievable sound pressure is 91 dB. So it is also clear who will be satisfied with this model: Those of you who like a strong bass and either have little space available or only want to give away part of the boot for the subwoofer. Because from its compact dimensions and for a decent price-performance ratio the Magnat Pro Charger 130 produces exactly that: Druckstrake bass! Here you can find a direct comparison of the two Magnat subwoofers from our review.

All in all, the key data are therefore correct: Good sound, partly unfortunately scratchy, pleasant design and cool LED-optics, good workmanship, powerful basses and a fair price. The Magnat Pro Charger 130 is simply fun in all respects!

reviews always show that a good subwoofer always needs good accessories. The Magnat Power Core Two is recommended as an amplifier, it has a 2-channel system and brings 400 Wrms with it. You don’t have to bridge it to get the subwoofer up to full power! The Powercap is not a must, but with its Wrms it is close to the limit and the battery will survive longer. For the cabling a cable set is sufficient, which is designed for power cables with 25mm².

Recommended accessories:


Magnat Leistungskern


Hifonics HFC-1000

Cable set

Hama AMP-Kit 25

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