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Magnat BS 30 Reviewed


The German company Magnat is known for its inexpensive subwoofers for home and car use. The Magnat BS 30 can currently be found on most bestseller lists. In the subwoofer review we took a closer look at it to see whether it is only good for selling or also worth the money.

The Magnat BS 30 has a simple and conventional design. However, it is not only available in black but also in white, a colour rarely used for subwoofers and also the only one in our review. With the white BS 30 the company logo is clearly visible, which is not the case with the black version. This gives it a subtle but meaningful appearance. There is a steel basket around the membrane, which not only looks good but is also supposed to provide a better sound.

The Magnat can’t keep up with the competitors from the high price segment, such as JBL GT5-2402BR, in terms of construction, but it does well for its circumstances. The steel basket is low-resonance and stable, the cabinet is made of lightweight chipboard. The life span will not be as long as that of high priced subwoofers. The closed cabinet produces a strong bass and there is a risk that the material will start to chink, not the Magnat BS 30. The material is stable over the entire frequency range.

The sound surprised us very positively in the review. For so little money you can rarely get such a good and rich sound. Due to its design the bass is so strong that all mirrors in and around the car start to vibrate. However, its sound is not fully convincing. It is more suitable for boosting the bass by a lot, but not for improving the sound, as many small active subwoofers or more expensive subwoofers do.

In the video you can hear how the subwoofer sounds. The same accessories have been used as we recommend in our review.

Magnat Ausgabe BS 30 / Magnat Ausgabe Zwei

Technical information of the magnate BS 30

The Magnat BS 30 has a very strong bass and still only 250 Wrms, thanks to its closed cabinet! Another advantage is that it belongs to the small subwoofers and with 43 x 40 x 32 cm it finds a suitable place in the trunk even in small cars. And there is still enough space for shopping, sports bags etc. Magnat has recognized the disadvantage of the closed cabinet and installed an efficiency-optimized foam surround. Here you can find a direct comparison of the two Magnat Subw

To get the most out of your Magnat you need powerful accessories. The closed cabinet is always a sign of a strong power amp, otherwise the sound will sound rather muffled and the diaphragm cannot be made to vibrate properly. A powercap is not necessary here, but still recommended. Without a powercap, the battery life is reduced by 1-2 years.

Recommended accessories:

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