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Kenwood Subwoofers Reviewed


More than 70 years of experience, sweat and money have gone into a Kenwood subwoofer. The Kenwood company is not so much known for its subwoofers, but much more for consumer and communication electronics. Wrongly also for kitchen appliances, but they have nothing in common with the British company, except for the similar logo. But what makes a Kenwood subwoofer special? If you lump all products together, it’s because of its excellent price/performance ratio. In our car subwoofer review the products did not take the top positions or win a category for themselves. […]

Kenwood Subwoofer in direct comparison

Information about the manufacturer

Shortly after the Second World War, in December 1946, the Japanese company Kasuga Radio Co. was founded, making it the second company from Japan besides Pioneer. The first products were radios, but by far not yet at the level we know today. After many name changes and extensions of the product range, the company changed its name to Kenwood in 1982, which it has kept until today. In 2007 there was a big change, as a partnership with JVC (subsidiary of Panasonic) was established and a joit venture called JVC Kenwood Corporation was founded. Both companies that have a ringing name. Even after constant product changes, they still cover just about everything in consumer and communication electronics. Besides car radios, subwoofers, navigation systems, amateur and company radios and much more, they even produced racing bikes for a while. However, this was stopped after a short time.

Untersitz-Subwoofer Kenwood KSC-SW11 (Überprüfung und Soundreview)

In this short video you got an impression of what a Kenwood subwoofer can do. Because they are not just small, they can also produce a good sound. Besides this small active subwoofer there are passive tubes and bass boxes with closed cabinet. These provide more bass, but also take up much more space.

Our opinion about Kenwood Subwoofer

In our opinion they have a very good price/performance ratio. Because 70 years of experience does not make itself felt in the direction of the highest quality, but in the implementation of creating something great from something mediocre. Because the material and the workmanship are indeed only mediocre, but the sound is very beautiful. Especially the Kenwood subwoofer from the video has a particularly beautiful sound. The bass can’t keep up with great passives, but it has many other advantages. For example, it’s quick and easy to install and hide, just right for family cars! The shape of the diaphragm is also special, because it is square. Such an unusual idea can only be found at Kenwood. Unfortunately the company’s product range in this area is not too big, but the few products they offer have a very good price/performance ratio!

What we like:+ Great price/performance ratio + One of their products even has a square diaphragm + Space-saving variants for little to no loss of space in the car + Great sound + Have small active, as well as a
What we do not like:- The product range in this area is somewhat small – Only mediocre quality of materials and processing

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