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Kenwood KSC-W1200T – Passive Bass Tube Reviewed


One of the few passive bass tubes in our review was made by Kenwood. It has been on the market for entertainment and communication electronics since 1946 and has been a byword for listening pleasure of the absolute top class ever since. In the past, the Japanese have always been able to convince both in the field of home entertainment and with first-class products in the field of car hi-fi. Our review shows whether this also applies to the Kenwood KSC-W1200T.

The Kenwood KSC-W1200T is a deep black passive bass tube. The diaphragm, protected by an internal gasket, has a diameter of 30 cm. Although the cabinet with the dimensions Ø 34 x 50 cm is quite compact, this bass roll needs a lot of space in the trunk. Even to the eye, the Kenwood KSC-W1200T is an absolute pleasure due to its discreet yet expressive design. On the front, the logo of the manufacturer Kenwood stands out clearly in large letters. The workmanship is typical for products from Kenwood.

High-quality materials are used in the production, the entire device appears nobly finished. In terms of the external appearance of the Kenwood KSC-W1200T, it’s almost too bad that the unit disappears into any trunks and so rarely sees the sunlight. This is an advantage for those owners who often have to stow something in the trunk and can take a look at their bass producing treasure. The installation and removal is therefore very easy and is done in a flash and uncomplicated. The strong quick-release belts and a correspondingly good fastening guarantee that the subwoofer always has good contact with the car and the bass can be passed on without losses. Moreover, unintentional rolling of the tube in the boot is almost impossible.

The Kenwood KSC-W1200T passed the review of its sound characteristics with flying colours. The device has an output of 200 Wrms and a maximum peak load of 1,200 watts. The Kenwood KSC-W1200T is designed to have the same mass as the Kenwood KSC-W1200T to produce a powerful, punchy bass. The subwoofer reproduces music well and produces powerful bass even at lower volumes. When the volume control is turned up, not only the passengers but also the passers-by at the side of the road can enjoy a convincing listening experience.

So that you can listen to a review of the sound yourself, there is this video (do not forget to switch on the sound!)

ma sono de 1200watts kenwood ksc-w1200t basbuis 12″ in mijn fiat uno 1.4 tuning !!

Technical information

In order for the Kenwood KSC-W1200T to develop its full power and to impress its owner and passengers with rich basses, the Kenwood KSC-W1200T naturally requires the appropriate accessories. As usual with all passive subwoofers, a powerful power amplifier with enough power and a matching powercap are essential. The supplied cables are perfectly adequate, but there’s nothing to be said against replacing them with thicker cables. In this context it should be noted that besides the speaker and the necessary cables also the screws required for mounting are included in delivery. Here you’ll find a direct comparison of the two Kenwood subwoofers from our review.

The Kenwood KSC-W1200T achieved a very good overall result in the review. It didn’t reach a top position compared to other devices, but its workmanship, visual appearance and perfect sound experience were absolutely convincing in the review.

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