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Kenwood DDX317BT – 2 DIN Car Radio Review


Kenwood, a manufacturer of car radios, loudspeakers and other electronic devices, is trying to gain further ground especially in the car radio market. More and more often, Kenwood’s devices can now be found in motor vehicles in Germany. However, the upswing also has its pitfalls. In our car radio review we have tried to filter out the best products that are currently on the market. Unfortunately the Kenwood DDX317BT did not make it into our top five. This is largely due to the price-performance ratio. For a display car radio the price is ok, but the performance is not always good in some areas.

The features of the Kenwood DDX317BT

Especially in terms of features, the Kenwood model can largely keep up. The large touch display allows you to navigate through the menu and find your destination faster. In addition, two mobile phones can be paired at the same time. The communication in the menu can be selected from 21 different languages. The most common features, such as a CD drive, a USB port and Bluetooth compatibility are also available on this car radio. The Kenwood AVH X7800BT will initially be available in a different version than competing products, such as the AVH X7800BT.

The handling

In general, a touch display is always an advantage for problem-free handling in a car radio. This is also the case with the Kenwood DDX317BT. The few buttons on the edge provide additional controls for common settings, so you don’t have to control everything via the display. However, there are small restrictions in handling especially with this car radio. Due to the partly blurred visual representation on the display, it can happen that you select the wrong element in the menu from time to time. In addition, it is also exhausting for the eyes in the long run to look at a display where the sharpness leaves something to be desired.

The design

The design is ultimately fine, but not perfect. Here, one could have attached more importance to the appearance in order to make the look even more noble and high-quality. So it almost seems as if one no longer had the desire to make the necessary adjustments to really get the most out of this product. But in the end the design is not bad either. In a review, only with car radios that have an integrated display, a midfield position in design would probably be the result.

The Price

As far as the price is concerned, the Kenwood DDX317BT car radio is in the midfield. Compared to a simple car radio, for example a JVC KD-R871BT without display, which you can buy for almost 80 €, over 200 € for the Kenwood model seems to be too much. In the end, the Kenwood product contains too few additional features for the price, which you can’t find in a normal car radio. Apart from the operation via a display, there are no points worth mentioning. Exactly for this reason this radio is a little bit different from other car radios with touch display.

The size

The size is 2-DIN. This is the most common installation size for car radios with display. Here it is important to consider whether installation in a car is at all feasible. The usual size is 1-DIN!

The performance

Also in terms of performance, as in almost all categories, the Kenwood product ultimately ends up in a midfield position.

Technical information:

Model: Kenwood DDX317BT Size: 2 DIN Outputs: 4 x 50W Inputs: USB, AUX, NFC, Bluetooth Case: black Lighting: individual

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