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Kamei Roof Cargo Boxes Review


A Kamei roof box comes from the company of the same name Kamei automotive GmbH from 38448 Wolfsburg, a specialist for complete and special solutions for car accessories. The claim of the company is the production of accessories of the highest quality and safety as well as environmental relevance.

For more than two decades the Kamei specialists have been designing and developing their own accessories with the help of their CAD-CAM department. Production takes place in-house with a high degree of vertical integration.

Top 3 Kamei roof boxes in comparison

Kamei roof box 330

The roof box from Kamei with its GS-approved security comes with a comfort slide attachment, a 90 mm U-bracket and a central locking system with a safety locking mechanism. Its technical data are:

  • Dimensions outside (L x W x H): 190 x 75 x 38 cm
  • Dimensions inside (L x W): 178 x 65 cm
  • capacity: 330 litres
  • Max. payload: 50 kg
  • net weight: 14 kg
  • Fastening system: Comfort Sliding Fastening
  • Material: ABS Durokam
  • Colour: matt-black
  • Opening: opening to the right

The roof box is characterised above all by its simple assembly.

Kamei Husky L

This Kamei roof box is characterized by its GS-reviewed safety, a comfort slide attachment, a 90 mm U-bracket and a 2-lock system. With the Husky, the manufacturer is offering a reliable roof box that is easy to use and has proven itself with its uncomplicated and proven technology.

Surprises on the journey are therefore impossible. The Husky is available in a very sporty, matt black look or in a stylish, discreet grey tone. The most important technical features are:

  • Dimensions outside (L x W x H): 190 x 75 x 38 cm
  • Dimensions inside (L x W): 178 x 65 cm
  • capacity: 330 litres
  • Max. payload: 50 kg
  • net weight: 13 kg
  • Fastening system: Comfort Sliding Fastening
  • Colour variants: matt-black or grey

Kamei DuoLift Edition Cock

The Kamei DuoLift is slightly larger and opens on both sides. Its technical data are:

  • Dimensions outside (L x W x H): 200 x 90 x 44 cm
  • Dimensions inside (L x W): 188 x 80 x 39 cm
  • volume: 510 litres
  • Max. payload: 93 kg
  • Own weight: 18 kg
  • Fastening system: Comfort Sliding Fastening
  • Colour: matt-black

The manufacturer gives a six-year guarantee on this high-quality roof box. It has a very secure 2-lock system plus central locking and is very easy to handle. Kamei has its roof boxes subjected to numerous vibration and crash reviews by the TÜV and the DLR (German Aerospace Center). The company’s roof boxes already complied with ISO 11154 and DIN 75302:2006 before they became valid.

The manufacturer also carries out wind tunnel reviews to improve the aerodynamics of the roof boxes. These are paintable and completely recyclable. The DUROKAM® plastic used is durable, impact-resistant, dimensionally stable and yet lightweight. It is a modified acrylic butadiene styrene. The roof boxes are supplied with a warning sticker regarding the passage height. Riders should measure the height with the roof box in place, write it on the warning sticker and place it in the rider’s field of vision.

Kamei Series

The series of the manufacturer are called Husky, Corvara and Oyster. They are based on a long development, which started already in 1988. The first series was called Kamei Traveller, already this one was aerodynamically reviewed and had the arrow-like basic shape that Kamei still uses today. A modification was made in 2004 and since then Kamei has been producing exclusively in Mercedes-Benz design. Since 2009 its roof boxes have also been part of Volkswagen accessories. The Kamei series represent the diversity of the manufacturer:

  • The Husky series is designed for entry-level users and is affordable, rugged and equipped with the expected safety features. Its advantages include the convenient slide-on mounting, the 90 mm U-bracket that allows mounting on support profiles up to 83 mm wide, the central locking system and the 2-lock with protective cover caps.
  • Kamei Corvara are modern design boxes and very spacious. They can be assembled in seconds with a quick fastener (ClickFix, patented) and opened on both sides (DuoLift opening system). They are suitable for carriers with different attachment points.
  • The Kamei Oyster series is very innovative, combining functionality and aesthetics at the highest level. The aerodynamics are considered to be excellent, and with its streamlined shape the design box increases fuel consumption only very slightly. It is also visually very successful.

About the company Kamei

The Kamei product range is large overall, and includes various accessories. High-quality materials are used throughout, the processing and final assembly is carried out very carefully. A special feature of all Kamei products is their always successful design, which corresponds to the roots of the company. It has already received several awards.

Most recently the Oyster roof box received the “German Design Award”.

The products are also very safe, as evidenced not only by internal quality checks but also by reviews conducted by independent institutions such as TÜV or ADAC. Kamei customers are in the high performance range and the products are accordingly resilient. Their users can rely on their quality even in extreme situations.

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