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Kamei Husky XXL Roof Cargo Box Review


This Husky brand roof box is an aerodynamic roof box with a black design. It fits perfectly on the roof of the car with the right brackets.

So you can stow some things here during the journey without it hindering you while driving. The Kamei Husky XXL measures 200 x 90 x 44 cm and therefore offers enough space for some luggage. The size is really amazing, in the roof box you will find room for lots of things. So you are guaranteed to have everything with you on your holiday.

Handling the Kamei Husky XXL

The roof box has a lock with which it can be easily opened and closed. The lock closes perfectly and can be operated without any clamping.

Two tension straps are included in the scope of delivery, with which the Kamei Husky XXL can be attached to the roof. In order to secure the load properly, you may want to consider attaching additional lashing straps. As already described, the box is very large and fully loaded it has a not negligible weight.

Optics and quality

The Kamei Husky XXL is very big, but still very stable. It has a visually appealing design and is available in two colours: Thanks to its aerodynamic shape it looks good on the roof and sits firmly and securely on the roof. When driving a car the box does not disturb at all. It fits well to the car and looks like a natural extension of your car.

The quality and workmanship of the Kamei Husky XXL is also impeccable, as well as the good stability. And when it comes to safety, the Kamei Husky XXL is also a very good roof box that you can drive off with without any worries.

Technical details

The Kamei Husky XXL – the perfect companion for your holiday

Anyone who often goes on holiday knows the problem that simply not enough can be stowed away in the car.

With the Kamei Husky XXL these problems are guaranteed to be a thing of the past. It is ideal to take with you on holiday and can store a lot of your luggage safely and securely.

The Kamei Husky XXL is not only of very good quality and stability, it also sits perfectly on the car and will not disturb you while driving. Also the design of the Kamei is attractive and does not look disturbing or inappropriate on the car. Of course the design is nothing special, it is rather functional, but still looks quite good.

The Kamei Husky XXL also has a good price ratio. It is not a cheap product and you will have to invest quite a lot of money – but this is well invested with this roof box. Because the price-performance ratio of the Kamei Husky XXL is right. If you are looking for a really good roof box for your car that is perfect for being taken on holiday, you will be very satisfied with this product.

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