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Kamei Husky L Roof Cargo Box Review


Kamei Husky L is specially designed for people who often go on trips and holidays by car. Accordingly, its dimensions have been tailored to the average roof size of cars.

For the same reason the roof box got an aerodynamic design that does not reduce the speed of the car. And thanks to its black colour, Kamei Husky L harmonises with cars in any colour.

Delivery of the roof box

Since Kamei Husky L looks even better in real life than on the photo, you can order the roof box without hesitation on the Internet. The delivery is very fast. Thanks to the good packaging, the roof box is delivered intact and without scratches or other damage. Since the box weighs 12.7 kilos, even an adult person can lift and carry it by himself.

Use of Kamei Husky L

Thanks to the correctly chosen dimensions, the box is compatible with most cars. The Kamei Husky L is connected from below, using curved brackets. The threaded rods of the roof box must be inserted through the box and screwed into it. Kamei Husky L can also be mounted on square roof racks if they are not wider than 83 millimetres.

Since she can handle up to 50 kilos of luggage…

Kamei Husky L fits most things you need. Stowage is no problem thanks to a volume of 330 litres. Thanks to the two locks supplied, you can lock the box after loading. To do this, you have to push the locks inwards after closing the box. To unlock the box you need the two keys supplied. Because the locks work perfectly, Kamei Husky L can be opened without any problems.

On the way the roof box behaves exemplary

Their aerodynamic design allows for high speed rides. There is no need to worry about noise pollution, because the well thought-out shape of Kamei Husky L prevents this. And thanks to the good mounting it won’t fly away even when you make sharp turns at more than a hundred kph. The contents of the roof box remain intact.

The care of Kamei Husky L is very easy, because on the one hand it does not look dirty even if it is, because of its black colour. On the other hand there are hardly any hard to reach places. And because of its good workmanship it will not break.

Technical details


The roof box is compatible with almost all cars and even square roof racks. It can hold and preserve everything you need when travelling – a clear recommendation to buy!

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