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JVC KD-R871BT – Car Radio Reviewed


JVC is one of the most important manufacturers, especially in the car audio and headphone segment. The manufacturer of consumer products but also of extremely high-quality models offers almost every target group the possibility to equip themselves with devices from JVC. In our review, we took a closer look at the mid-range car radio JVC KD-R871BT. The result is a satisfying place. In the big car radio review this is a great review result. But why it was not enough for the first two ranks, we want to tell you here in the p […]

The features

In terms of features, the JVC device came in just behind the review winner from Naviskauto. The reason for this is that Naviskauto simply offers a greater variety. Among other things, the JVC model does not allow, as with the navigation car, the use of an integrated navigation device and a DVD player in addition to the car radio function. But this is not really bad, as the main focus of the review is on the car radio itself. Therefore only one point deduction due to the strong competition.

The handling

In terms of handling, however, the JVC KD-R871BT is unbeatable. All control buttons are clearly marked, so that the operation and handling is understandable for everyone. Furthermore, only the most important buttons are integrated into the hardware to avoid confusion for the user. A strong category of the JVC KD-R871BT, in which the model could make up valuable ground in the ranking

The design

JVC’s product also performs surprisingly well in terms of design. Behind the review winner, the model comes in second place. The reason for this is a modern but typical design for car radios. No special features but still timeless and elegant. In the end, this combination also brings second place in this category. The lighting also ensures that the radio looks good in the dark.

The Price

As far as the price is concerned, it has to be admitted that there is a particularly good ratio to performance. With less than 100 Euro you get a good product with which you can hardly do anything wrong. However, one can see from small details why the product is a little cheaper than the two first-placed ones. It is possible that one saved in places that will also be noticeable in the quality in the long run.

The size of the JVC KD-R871BT

In the review it becomes clear time and again that the standard size with 1-DIN is still one of the most popular. Almost every car can be fitted with radios of this size, which makes them flexible. JVC’s product has also been chosen for its rectangular size. So in this respect you remain faithful to the tried and reviewed.

The performance

Finally, there is the performance. With an output of 4 x 50 W, the product is, as in the overall ranking, only in the midfield. In the end, it lacked too many small details to finish at the top of our review. However, if the budget is a bit lower or if you are looking for a practical car radio, you won’t make a bad choice with the JVC radio.

Technical information:

Model: JVC KD-R871BT Size: 1 DIN Outputs: 4 x 50W Inputs: USB, AUX, Bluetooth Case: black Lighting: blue

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