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JVC CS-J420X – Car Speakers Review


JVC is a manufacturer that specializes in the production of car radios and speakers. We have taken the best loudspeakers and put them through their paces in a review. In addition to sound and construction, design, price, construction and performance played an important role in our review. However, the JVC CS-J420X wasn’t quite convincing in some categories, so that in the end, unfortunately, the last place came out. It is nevertheless quite suitable as an entry-level model due to its low price.

The sound of the JVC CS-J420X

The sound is ultimately quite ok for the low price. Nevertheless, one realizes that it is not quite enough for the perfect sound with such a cheap product. But the sound of this product is by no means to be classified as bad.

The structure

Especially the assembly of cheap products often turns out to be more difficult than expected. Not so with these speakers from JVC. With a few tricks, which you should consider, it is possible to install the speakers in a car with little time. But you don’t have to be particularly technically gifted for this. You just need a little patience. So also here only small deductions in the evaluation. In order to keep up with the very big ones in the industry, such as JBL, it is not quite enough.

The design

The design also comes off quite well, probably also because of the well-known manufacturer. Although this product does without the really big optical highlights, it becomes clear that the JVC CS-J420X doesn’t have to hide behind the more expensive products in our review.

The Price

The JVC CS-J420X is at the top of the list especially in terms of price. The low price actually speaks for a not particularly good product, but for beginners who want to try their hand at installing such loudspeakers, it could be just the right product. And for the low price you can also get very good loudspeakers in the price-performance ratio. A similar Pro

The design

2-way coaxial speakers (10 cm).

The performance

With 21 Wrms/90 dB the loudspeakers are clearly in the lower range of the evaluated models. In the end it remains to be said that in too many categories smaller deductions were necessary. This is certainly due to the price. For a beginner the product can still be a good choice.

Technical information:

Model: JVC CS-J420XConfiguration: 2-way coaxialPower: 21 WrmsNoise pressure: 90 dB

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