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JBL Subwoofer Reviewed


JBL subwoofers are renowned for their performance, durability and quality. And, as we all know, quality costs its price, but this is only partly true at JBL. Their subwoofers are in the midfield in terms of price. This combination of high quality at an affordable price makes JBL subwoofers something special. And it is these characteristics that have made JBL special. With its GT5-2402BR, they achieved 1st place in our review. What was important to us and how we came to this conclusion can be found in the Auto Subwoofer review.

Comparison of the JBL subwoofers from our review

Information about the manufacturer

JBL is an American manufacturer of audio systems and accessories. The company was founded in 1946 by James Bullough Lansing, from whom it got its name. After many years of ups and downs, it was bought by Harman International Industries, Inc., but the JBL brand remained. Today, they produce not only for car hi-fi solutions (subwoofer, power amplifier, speakers), but also for private applications such as home cinema, speakers and headphones. In the 1980s, they equipped the first THX cinema with Lucasfilm, and today they still offer professional solutions for concerts, cinema, etc.

JBL subwoofers can clearly benefit from this long experience. Especially in America, the market is hotly conreviewed, for example against the direct competitor Hifonics. In the annual report for 2015, Harman’s workforce comprised 27,000 employees spread across Europe, America and Asia. The annual turnover is 6.2 billion €. Harman now owns more than 30 brands.

Die Reise des Klangs: Liverpool

“Journey of Sounds” is a series of events, both live (in Liverpool and Hamburg) and in the studio, which includes performances by established and new artists. The music covers different genres and generations. In this spot the Ferrari shows its best side and that of course only with the right audio system. This can be found in many models since 2008

Our opinion about the JBL subwoofers

On the whole, we are very satisfied with the performance of JBL Subwoofer. They follow a clear line and have positioned themselves well in the market. They offer good subwoofers at a good price. Of course there are high-end subwoofers which are much higher in quality, but these then cost a lot more. It is your own decision how much money you want to spend on good music in your car. However, JBL offers good subwoofers for beginners as well as for advanced drivers. As a professional, you’re more likely to use homemade audio systems that can deliver performance beyond good and evil. For the normal car driver and music lover, however, the ready-made systems available on the market are completely sufficient and offer a significant sound improvement for little money

What we like:+ Great and precise sounds, with a strong bass the subwoofers + High quality in workmanship and materials + Modern and beautiful design + Many years of experience, which is confirmed by the partnership with Ferrari + Expert also in the professional field + You are very innovative and invest in the development of new products
What we don’t like:- There are higher quality products, but these costs are much higher – Sound differences between large and small subwoofers (large subwoofers have a better sound and bass than the small ones)

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in our review reports. And if this information is still not enough for you, you can check out their website. There is a small article about JBL Professional and a big one about Harman (both can be found on Wikipedia)

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