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JBL GX602 – Car Speaker Review


JBL is a US company that operates worldwide and is considered a big player in the field of electronic equipment. Specialising in headphones and speaker systems, the company has meanwhile managed to make a name for itself as a manufacturer of luxury products. In our loudspeaker review, a product from JBL could not be missing. In the end, it shouldn’t come as too big a surprise that the JBL GX602 loudspeakers, of all products, won the review. Especially in the categories sound, construction and performance, the speakers were unbeatable by the competition. So here is a closer look at the deserved review winner.

The sound of the JBL GX602

JBL is known for its excellent sound. We can only confirm this after our review. The only thing we can say is that with JBL products there is absolutely no need to worry about paying too much for a model. You get a top product for a price that is of course correspondingly high. The music experience while listening compensates for the higher price than

The structure

In the end, this category could be the key to success. The only product to leave the close pursuer, the Pioneer TS-G1733i speakers, behind in this review. The construction appears to be child’s play and yet robust. It is often the case, especially with more expensive products, that you have to study the manual first in order not to make any mistakes. At JBL you are rewarded for a high price with a quick and easy installation of the speakers. Previous knowledge is therefore not necessary.

The design

There are certainly some products from JBL which are even more stylishly designed. However, these are also those which are considerably more expensive than the JBL GX602. That’s why you get beautiful speakers without playful details for your price.

The Price

With 70 € these speakers are by far above all other reviewed models. Nevertheless, it’s a fact that this product also pays much more attention to small details than the others. So if you’re willing to spend more to get better quality, then the JBL GX602 is worthy of your attention.

The design

The performance

The device also delivers what it promises in terms of performance. With 60 Wrms/92 dB, there is no product in this category that can beat the speakers from JBL.

Technical information:

Model: JBL GX602Construction: 2-way coaxialPower: 60 WrmsSound pressure: 92 dBDiameter: 16.5 cm

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